High Altitude and Tinnitus Stops — Low Altitude and It Comes Back.

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      I have been dealing with a rumble sound in my left ear with intermittent high pitch, clashy tones (think Emergency Broadcast System...). I have had all kinds of testing, imaging...no definite results. I do have Eustachian tube dysfunction as a diagnosis. Here's the interesting part- last year, went to California from the east coast (drove). As we entered the mountain areas of Wyoming, the ear noise vanished. We were out West for 3 weeks and the results for my ear were incredibly good! We came home and 4 days later, the rumble came back. Two weeks ago, we went out for another vacation in Wyoming. Same exact thing happened. We came home on Sunday and today is Wednesday- the rumbles woke me up this morning. I have explained this phenomenon to my ENT and he said it has to do something with air pressure, but he doesn't know exactly how to duplicate that scenario where I live so that I have relief and offered to write me a prescription to move out West (fine by me.) Any thoughts? No one can seem to explain this.
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      Acoustic trauma
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      5 9mm Gunshots
      Those masks wont do anything for the ears though, thats just for breathing. There is not as much pressure on our ears at higher altitude so thats the likely reason why the noise stops in my opinion anyways. *im not a medical expert, but I know pressure on the ears can affect my volume as well as others, more pressure higher volume*
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      Most likely hearing loss
      I think the only solution is for you to permanently move to the mountains.... ;)

      Interesting though

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