High Pitch Tinnitus from Nowhere — Crackling Noise When Talking, Muffled Hearing When Working Out

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Rtg123, Jun 28, 2021.

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      I have been suffering from tinnitus for around 4 months with mine being a high pitch noise in my left ear.

      I've been to see the GP once who said to go back but thanks to COVID-19 we have a 8 week wait so have had 2 telephone consultations.

      The ringing is worse at night or in silence when I can hear it and I've noticed it appear in both ears now and then. I've tried a few home remedies without any success. My main symptoms include a weird crackling noise in my ear when I'm talking (I do a lot of presentations in my job) which seems to come and go. When I work out, my ear seems to be slightly muffled. I can't blow my left ear when holding nose and blowing out. The GP first suggested ETD but then backtracked as I had no pain or hearing loss. I just don't have any faith in them to diagnose me correctly and going private is going to be rather expensive.

      Has anyone experienced anything similar and what worked? I've read about ear suction as a possible solution but ideally I want to identify what is going on.
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      ETD can get diagnosed using the camera that an ENT will put through the nasal passages... otherwise they do a Valsalva test. Without either of these, they cannot conclude anything about ETD.

      Any thoughts?

      Any reference for the ear suction method?
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      not sure
      Your GP may not be the doctor to diagnose ETD. I agree with above poster that you need to see an ENT instead.

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