How Can I Habituate to Tinnitus When My Mind Latches Onto It?

Discussion in 'Support' started by AlbertPL, Nov 22, 2019.

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      Faint noise?

      I'm 26, my tinnitus started about 25 days ago for seemingly no reason. I've abused marijuana for a long time, and it just started one night while I was high and going to bed. I was getting bothered by some noises outside while I slept, like beeps and stuff, and I feel like that contributed to my tinnitus. Since then I've gotten through the worse part of it (severe anxiety, depression). Although I'm still pretty bummed I'm beginning to accept it. I still do have a little hyperacusis, and am bothered when I hear similar sounds. I guess I consider myself pretty lucky that it is a mild high pitched eeeee, and I pretty much can only hear it when in a quite space. I always relied on silence to relax and sleep, so it is really hard now. I'm trying not to research and think about it, and maybe it will go away...

      It's hard for me to deal with because about 3 years ago I also developed ulcerative colitis, which was very hard for a long time...

      Now I feel like I will never be able to get used to this. I have a mind that latches on.
      Has anyone else felt this way and been able to "forget" they have tinnitus?
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      It's my understanding that most people with tinnitus, particularly mild tinnitus, habituate to it in time. In my early stages of tinnitus I was surprised at how many people shared that they themselves have it. When asked why they never bring it up, the usual response was that it no longer bothered them. There is a better than good chance the same will happen with you.
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      Fall from stairs
      Can confirm. First week of diagnosis (when I was told that the ENT couldn't fix it) was hell for me: silence always played a major role in my life. Still, now six months later, though I don't think I'm fully habituated yet, life is really quite fullfilling again, even while my kind of T is pretty much always audible. Took a while to get to this point, but apparently I'm stronger than I thought at the time.

      Take it from a silence-addict: even if the sound does not faint, you will find rest and peace again. Right now your mind is latching on because it is unknown territory, but once it figures out that the sound is not worth its attention, it will move on to focus on other things. Give it time. Sure, I still kinda miss silence and would love an instant cure, but until then, focus is quite a powerful tool.

      Hey, and for all we know, it might disappear by itself: wouldn't be the first person it happens to :)
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