How Do You Deal with Insomnia/Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Pampi, Sep 13, 2015.

    1. Pampi

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      Hi! Got tinnitus since July. Currently on trazadone for sleep, but in the process of weaning it down. Any suggestion how to deal with insomia? Want to get off meds and have a normal sleep. Thanks
    2. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      Hi pampi ,
      A regular bedtime routine and warm drink.
      Reading can help.
      While coming down off medication it can cause insomnia so natural sleep aids like kalms or quiet life might help too.
      Playing relaxing music before bedtime .
      Staying awake all day so sleepy at night.

      I can remember coming down on Amiltryptaline and my sleep pattern went through the window for a short time but settled down again after reducing down to a low dose just for sleep .
      I think with dark cold nights coming just snuggling down for a long warm rest will soon have you sleeping....lots of love glynis
    3. AnnieM

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      PROBABLY long term exposure to the sound of motors/blowers
      Melatonin (specifically brand name Alteril) is my usual go-to; two tablets and an hour or so later, I'm out :)
    4. I used to take benadryl pills but now take 400mg of Magnesium Citrate.
    5. AUTHOR

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      Thanks for the replies. I'll try those suggestions. I'm also hoping that my physical symptoms of anxiety will soon be over too.
    6. Telis

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      Drugs barotrauma
      You will get over it, if your T is really bad you will be able to sleep a lot. That's all I want to do.
    7. Sound Wave

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      Probably headphones
      - Melatonin to sustain sleep (take e.g. 1,5mg one hour before bedtime and another 1,5mg when going to sleep)
      - MASKING SOUNDS! My favourite:
      - Mindfulness / meditation training to calm your mind
      - I also use 1/4 imovane to help me fall asleep
    8. Sgguy46

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      I agree with Telis. My problem is how to get myself out of bed. Cant spend my life like this. No way. Must become normal again.
    9. Naddesh

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      I just sleep. Thinking about the next morning. :)
    10. noisebox

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      West End show. Came back 2015 vitamin D overdose prescribed
      Melatonin is good I'm sure but in the UK we can't buy it or get docs to prescribe it
    11. MickBr

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      rifle fire
      You'll get used to it, it becomes just another background noise. Rain, wind and crickets can all be louder than tinnitus and these sounds even help people getting to sleep. Try masking noises and a set routine as some above advise. Do your 'little rituals' before going to bed, let your subconscious know 'it is sleep time'. I used masking noise for the first few months( no drugs) and then starting falling asleep in bed, in armchairs, everywhere I used to without background noise.
    12. I who love music

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      mid seventies
      I don't nap during that day, that's a sleep killer. I knocked my caffeine down to one a day. One pop or tea and that's it. Also, since I started doing the "Back To Silence" method, I have ZERO trouble sleeping. I've had T since 1974. I used to shift from side to side, lay awake for hours, prance around the house, drink milk etc etc etc...
      Not anymore.
    13. psychologist123

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      Bonjour ami, je vous propose un petit article de l'insomnie
      Saviez-vous que le manque de sommeil a été considéré par l'OMS un des premiers problèmes dans les pays industrialisés. Entre la fatigue stress dépression anxiété en a aussi l'insomnie.
      Nous savons tous qu'il est facile de prendre un somnifère au coucher du problème est que prendre un somnifère ou un tranquillisant est rapidement devenu adductive ils ne devraient pas être pris en continu façon paradoxalement, ils vous font accro à leur consommation régulière, plus artificielle et votre sommeil sera de mauvaise qualité et bcp moins rafraîchissant qu'un sommeil naturel
      alors il est préférable de faire une séance de méditation avant d'aller au lit.

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