How I Got My Acoustic Trauma

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      A balloon popped right next to my left ear
      Three months ago, one of my friend popped a balloon right next to my left ear. Yes, a small balloon gave ma Acoustic Trauma. After that incident, I start to have really loud Tinnitus and hearing loss and very sensitive to any loud noises.

      At first, I thought it's just a balloon, after a few days my ear will go back to normal. Then I start to research online about hearing loss due to loud noise. Until I came across this forum. I posted my situation and ask for advice. Right after my post, @Alue and a few other members suggested that I should go see an ENT doctor immediately and ask them to give PREDNISONE for my condition.
      Then I scheduled an appointment with an ENT doctor. I did an audiogram and the results show that I do have some minor hearing loss, my left ear's lost 15-20 decibel. However, even after the hearing loss, the doctor still says that my hearing is still within the normal range, told me that there's nothing I need to worry about, the ear will heal on itself, and would not give me prednisone. And I trusted him, go home and wait for it to go away, wait for it to heal itself.

      After three months, of course my tinnitus hasn't gone away(they never, lol), but they became tolerable because I got used to it. Hearing loss, still feels different in two ears, and when listening to music left ear is missing out a lot details. However, the worst part is my left ear became so sensitive to loud noise, til the point that I need to watch myself to not speak even a little bit louder than my normal voice. If any louder noise around me, including my own voice, my left ear will start having distortion sounds. (Kind like you turn a very cheap speaker too loud and it start giving u cracking sound)

      And today, about three months later, I scheduled another appointment with another doctor. Did a comprehensive hearing test, and the result shows that compare to the result last time there are some minor improvements, but not even significant. After I told my new ENT doctor my story, she immediately said that I had acoustic trauma and prescribed me PREDNISONE, and told me that the best time to use PREDNISONE are within a 4 weeks after the acoustic trauma. Because it been so long so she doesn't know will PREDNISONE still helps, but it still worth the try.

      Right now, I'm so regret that I did not stand my ground and ask for Prednisone at that time. And if I did, probably my left ear's condition will be better and problay went back as it was before.

      If you ever encounter the similar incident. Please Do Not Wait!! Please Do Not Think Your Ear Will Heal itself!!!! Because if your ear can heal itself, it will be done with it over the night!

      If have been exposed to loud noise and got tinnitus and didn't go away within the second day. Go to an ENT Doctor immediately, do not wait!!! You have school or work, call in and tell them you can't go!!! If ENT schedule you for next week, try walk in, or try other ENT doctor! But don't wait!! Ask your ENT doctor for Prednisone. Say you need it!!!!! And stand your ground!!!

      Prednisone is cheap, the whole treatments takes only for two weeks, and it's less than 20 dollars.
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      noise (Concert)
      Thats not true...most sudden noise induced T resolves itself within 8-18 months
      I have had 2 acoustic traumas resulting in Tinnitus, once 12 years ago (Really bad) and it faded to zero in just over 18 months
      My second one (from a concert, also bad) has faded 80% already in 12 months. I honestly had never heard of using prednisone for acoustic trauma until I read it here. (Neither my primary care or ENT suggested it) They both told me it would go away but would take a long time.
      I wouldn't stress too much over not getting pednisone as I think your doctor is correct, your ears will heal themselves of the T, but it will take many months
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      Where did your first AT come from? How long and at what db was you exposed too?

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