How Is Your High Frequency Hearing?

Discussion in 'Support' started by kamil1364, Oct 11, 2020.

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      Possibly noise-induced
      I had only 250 Hz - 8000 Hz done on an audiogram, it seems fine, everything at 10 dB.

      When it comes to higher frequencies, I just made some quick tests with my headphones and my computer. Headphones used are mid-end audiophile ones. 17 kHz is certainly audible, 17.5 kHz a bit softer (all of that at 6% windows volume). When I turn the volume up to about 12% I can hear 18 kHz. I am also able to differentiate between music lowpassed at 16 kHz and original one.

      I know those are not medical test and can't be treated as such. Some of my friends of my age seem to have even worse high frequency hearing than me (on the same setup).

      While I am farily young (around 20 years old), and to be honest I barely consider it any hearing loss. My sister who is just one year older than me hears about the same as I, so maybe just not everyone is genetically capable to hearing 19-20 kHz when no longer 5 years old.

      May it be the case that some people experience tinnitus with such mild hearing loss (if at all)? How does it look in your case?
    2. Selah1281

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      Dips at 14 kHz and 16 kHz. Can hear up to 20 kHz. Standard audiogram in normal range.
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      June 2020
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      6-8 khz HL, T and H from gunshots
      Can't hear too well at 6-8 kHz; about ~50 dB loss. Guns aren't a joke, although my friend thought they were. Crazy what we do to try and fit in. My tinnitus seems to be around the same frequency too.

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