How Long Can I Stay in a Store That Plays Loud Music Without Causing Damage?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Marias21, Mar 24, 2014.

    1. Marias21

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      just wondering because I still want to shop in my favored store at the but am worried about posable damage
    2. Stina

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      Hello:) I dont think shops play music too loud. Maybe between 70-80 db is max. Therefore it shouldnt cause damage. If its 85 decibels then that will cause damage in 8 hours. Therefore dont worry and try to live your life as normally as possible without thinking all the time what may or may not make it louder:)
    3. patty

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      Most stores should be fine, but I would not go into Abercrombie & Fitch without plugs for sure. That store is insanely loud. I feel for the employees there.
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    4. Grace
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      Dont worry bout goin to the mall or anywhere youl be fine these are normal sounds.. I dont wear earplugs unless at a movie theatre and loudass bar but thats it.
    5. Peter61

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      I agree totally with you... I got my T after a visit to Abercrombie & Fitch in London, August 14th 2012, just two days after the London Olympics ended. My daughter had asked me to go there with her. I must have been inside for some 15 minutes, but that was obviously enough to screw my hearing for life. The volume of the music was absolutely insane. Since that day I've been suffering from hearing loss, tinnitus and hyperacusis. I've talked to a lawyer to see if I could sue Abercrombie, but he said it would be very hard, if not impossible, to prove that my hearing was damaged there and then. Besides, it concerns British law, which is different to Dutch law (I live in the Netherlands). But Abercrombie is a typical example of the noise culture we live in, everything has to be LOUD for some reason. Their motto is (I found out afterwards): ,,If it's too loud, then you're too old". All I wanted was buy some clothes with my daughter on a sunny day in August, totally relaxed, just the two of us, not a worry in the world... Never could I know that this short visit would change my life forever. When I think about Abercrombie, I almost need to throw up, even to this day. I hate that despicable store, I really do. F... them.
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    6. Rhea

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      Superdry is another one...I literally have to walk the opposite side of the shopping center to get passed it as the bass blasting out through it doors is F*cking ridiculous. How those poor teens work in there...bless them. Surely it is against the law to subject your employees to that noise all day. Even without damage hearing surely working in that volume all day would at least give you a severe banging headache every night....

      I hate that everyone thinks it is so damn cool for everything to be so fact I hate the way nowdays EVERYTHING seems to be about music and volume...clothes stores music, restaurants music, pubs loud music, tv adverts loud music, cars going past playing loud music, bowling alley loud music...blah blah blah....argh lol
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    7. Blair14

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      Noise Exposure
      I hear you Rhea,

      I predict there will be an epidemic of T with this generation with all the mobile devices iphone, BB, ipods etc that technology was not available until relatively recently and everything is about volume, plus the #1 complaint of troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan is T, not PTSD, which was #1, that is among from what I understand all nations that were involved in those campaigns. Perhaps that will speed up research, it probably won't help me in my lifetime.
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    8. jimH

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      Acoustic trauma
      "...blah blah blah....argh lol"....:ROFL:... Thanks for the laugh, Rhea! Anyway, you covered most of them. I'll just add gyms and some ski resorts as my own pet peeves where they play loud music to the point where it's very annoying.
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