How Many Forms of Fleeting Tinnitus Have You Experienced?

Discussion in 'Support' started by LukeYoung, Feb 8, 2020.

    1. LukeYoung

      LukeYoung Member Benefactor

      Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia
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      A loud Concert - Noise Exposure
      Basically wanting to know if you have had more than one type of fleeting tinnitus sound. Example: beeping, rushing, thumping or do you only experience sounds similar to your main but amplified?
    2. Michael B

      Michael B Member Benefactor

      Southern CA
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      For me personally, only sounds similar to my main but amplified.
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    3. HootOwl

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      Explanation in About You
      Mostly the typical tried and true high pitched eeeeeeee. Sometimes it’s more low frequency like a dial tone. Once in a while the hearing will completely blow out with it.

      Only a few times have I ever gotten a different noise and it was like an alien static screech that was extremely frightening.
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    4. Barbara777

      Barbara777 Member Benefactor

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      It's always the same for me, dulled hearing and murderous shrill sound.
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    5. Kriszti

      Kriszti Member

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      Before developing "normal" T, I experienced fleeting T as an electrical buzzing once in a few months. Since T I have basically two types of fleeting sounds: One is when everything goes silent and a tonal eeeeee happens which is high frequency, but lower than my regular T. That lasts about 1-3 minutes. The other one is the same as before, electrical buzzing, and it normally lasts for a shorter period of time.
      I don't know if that's fleeting T, I guess it's not, but some mechanical stuff, but when I put foam earplugs in, my more problematic ear, the left one, starts to have thumping. But it's not constant. If I change the position of my head, it stops, but later comes back.
    6. Regal

      Regal Member

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      Unknow (NIHL, Genetic, Ototoxic drugs, stress) ?
      Only one type sometimes left or right. My classical tinnitus turns off (actually he stops for 1 second) and I have that loud beeping coming from nowhere. I had it before tinnitus but not so much as now... that last for few seconds at few minutes.
    7. Candy

      Candy Member Benefactor Advocate

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      One type... I now find that my ear not only feels quiet with the beep but also feels fuller... anyone gets fullness? Sometimes the fullness taking a few minutes to subside... wonder what's coming...

      Anyone else?

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