How Would You Describe the Feeling of Ear Fullness?

Discussion in 'Support' started by East, Mar 13, 2020.

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      I've heard it described as that feeling you get when descending in an airplane... so kinda like that feeling when you're sick and congested and you cant "pop" your ears?

      My symptoms would more accurately be described as a tightness or even a swollen feeling in my ear canal, and always on the bottom part of the canal. Sort of even resembles numbness.. Always feels like it's coming from the same small area, not like a general feeling in the whole ear. Comes and goes throughout the day, and goes away when I'm not thinking about it. Xanax also seems to help.

      Does this sound like the fullness everyone talks about? TTTS?
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      Probably noise, stress and a neck injury.
      For me it's an uncomfortable pressure like feeling - as if something is literally stuck there. Same way a blocked nose can feel I guess. It also really feels as though the pressure is off, and I also can't pop my ears well :p I think this makes sense in my case though considering my other symptoms and ETD.
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      I do not have TTTS. However, I do have a fullness at times. The feeling is soreness deep in ear that comes and goes. Also, i experience tightness or a swollen feeling at times. Swollen is a great way to describe the feeling. The soreness just reminds me that my ears have been traumatized. Sometimes I wonder if the constant ring is making them sore and feeling full (swollen).
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      Is it better now?

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