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    1. Nate

      Nate Member Benefactor

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      Does anyone else have a humming in their ear that goes away when you block your ear?
    2. glynis

      glynis Member Benefactor Hall of Fame Ambassador Team Awareness

      England, Stoke-on-Trent
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      Meniere's Disease
      Hi Nate,
      Do you know what caused it ?....lots of love glynis
    3. valeri

      valeri Member Benefactor Team Awareness

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    4. Nate

      Nate Member Benefactor

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      Hello Glynis,

      I know what caused my high pitched tinnitus (loud noise and antibiotics: Z pack), not sure what's causing the humming but it does stop when I put my finger to my ear unlike the high pitched Tinnitus.

    5. kmohoruk

      kmohoruk Member

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      Loud Noise, Ear Infection, TMJ
      Hello Nate,

      Yeah I have been noticing that I have that as well @Nate .

      Most of my T is a hissssss and a ring. However I catch myself noticing when I'm in a quiter room a light hum. However when I plug my ears I only really hear my hiss and ring again. It's quite strange.

      My T is quite reactive and fluctuates quite a lot, so I just sort of chalked it up to that. But does make me worry sometimes....
    6. erik

      erik Manager Staff Benefactor

      Washington State, USA
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      Most likely hearing loss
      yes I have a few humming tones when I plug my ears. When I don't block my ears, I hear hissing, crickets etc. When I do block them, I hear crickets plus all kinds of tones and sounds.
    7. RonT

      RonT Member

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      4 months
      Does it also stops when you speak? if you it can be a blockage of the eustachian tube, i have had it many many times it comes and goes ,most of the time with a cold
    8. Steve H

      Steve H Director Staff Benefactor Team Tech Team Research Team Awareness

      York, UK
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      Flu, Noise-induced, Jaw trauma
      I also have a humming but mine doesn't go away when I block my ears. It's part of a reactive component for me, if I mask the higher frequencies the humming appears, so I try and listen to sounds across all frequencies.

      This is maybe a very silly question, but have you checked heating, appliances etc? I have mistaken a distant appliance sound for tinnitus many times before. There are also some areas where people report a hum. My other half is from Bristol, where this is well documented (sorry for the annoying picture on the article)
    9. Mike TerMaaten

      Mike TerMaaten Member Benefactor

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      April 20, 2013
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      2013 GMC Sierra pickup truck
      Have you had exposure, especially prolonged exposure to Flourecent Lights that hum ?

      Maybe too long listening to a Leaf Blower ?

      ..And of course, any subwoofer or Bass Speakers ..especially in a high SPL enviornment, like the inside of a automobile.

      I battle to keep away a hum too. I'm mostly successful. And those 3 things listed above are what i have in my life ( to avoid like the Plague ) to not have a hum later on.....

      Recently, had the hum, AND SURE ENOUGH, i remembered i had been around some humming ( noisey ) Flourecent Lighting.

      Hope you figure out what it was. Your ears obviously don't like it ( though you may want to disagree with them ) Ears don't lie...... ( so to speak....
    10. Esdkc

      Esdkc Member

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      Mastoid operation
      I have a constant humming & dining in my good ear, I'm partially deaf in my left ear due to a mastoid and many operations taking most of my ear drum away. More recently developed T in my good ear. Since I came back from holiday in July. I had just been on 2 courses of antibiotics for a tooth abscess before my holiday and also just started wearing cotton wool or moulded ear plugs while washing my hair as I get dizziness if water gets in my ears. When I first came home I was getting this like ruffled leaves sounds then I went deaf like I was under water. My son said pinch yr nose and blow hard which cleared the deafness and I've had this humming sound since. I already have ringing T in my other ear which is common and had it so long I barely notice it. Now I have this in my good ear it us getting me down. I can't hear what people are saying most of the time and God I need a break from it. I love silence n peace and quiet but can't get any. Help appreciated please:(

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