Hyperacusis from Barotrauma / Work Related (Lawn Care, Mowing)?

Discussion in 'Support' started by SibilantRange, Feb 13, 2021.

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      I'm a 31-year-old male.

      In 2018 I got on a plane ride, I had a cold. The pressure changes in my ear hurt extremely bad on descent. Ever since then my right ear has felt full, and now liquid behind the ear drum. Sinuses also have this glue like, clear, super thick mucus on and off, I can also move my ear up and down and hear liquid in there. An ENT appointment upcoming again. Half a year ago the ENT said it's allergies (allergy test came back saying I had no allergens, allergy meds don't help).

      Lately I've developed hyperacusis like symptoms, dishes, coins, anything between 2 kHz - 8 kHz in the frequency spectrum.

      Music (low volume listener here at 60 dB) I enjoy via a very resolving pair of headphones, but no longer can, claps, snares, sharp sibilant treble fatigue me quickly.
      Especially the claps.

      My occupation is in the lawn care, mainly mowing. I wear Mack's 37 dB earplugs. I wish there was even more possible protection because I can still hear my mower / leaf blower somewhat.

      Hyperacusis now with random parts of ear pain.
      I try to not wear too much ear protection.
      But when I do, I use Earasers (standard) (which attenuate the upper mids/lower treble) 2 kHz to 7 kHz or so on the frequency spectrum.

      I occasionally use Xanax for stress and anxiety. I take about 3 pills (0.5mg) a month.
      I have sleep apnea and I wear a CPAP (known to cause pressure in the ears). I constantly have to take the mask off, to swallow and equalize pressure in my mask.
      Currently in a vigorous cardio / diet routine. Losing a lot of weight, fast. Feeling better but not with hyperacusis.

      I am an audio enthusiast and have very nice and high resolution capable equipment to listen to music.
      Lately I've only been able to enjoy music by negating the fast transients in music, by using software to tame the treble and blend the upper mids so claps and snares are not strong.
      Lowered volume to 50 dB and can enjoy.

      Dishes. Smoke alarms... etc... Kill me!

      I'm waiting for the ENT appointment but I doubt they will do much as the last one gave up on me. He couldn't figure out this clear thick liquid in my nose and I guess ears.

      Swallowing does make my ears click (does this mean good functionality of eustachian tubes)?

      Does anyone have a WAV file of pink noise that I can listen to slow at low volume, like TRT therapy?

      WAV file is needed as it's lossless format. MP3 are not effective at regular sample rates, and it's a lossy format, meaning you lose information, because not all frequencies are active.
      So, it needs to be a WAV file.

      How should I prepare for this ENT? To not scare him off of me.

      I do not have tinnitus currently.

      I am very experienced with audio, and have enjoyed the hobby (at safe listening levels for many many years).

      I am able to edit a track of your choosing and to tame down the snappy transients, the snares, hi-hats, claps, piercing treble and voices to a very very comfortable level for me (around 20 dB even) without loss of overall resolution, detail retrieval and clarity.
      So you can still enjoy music so long you can still tolerate 40/50 dB.

      I am not condoning this, I don't know if it's good or bad for hyperacusis.
      But I am offering this if some of you would enjoy. Just reach out. There is no charge of course.

      I just want to be free of it... It's so sad...

      Thanks so much all...
      I hope you read this.

      I've been lurking around until now.
      My sincere sympathy for all of you suffering... We do it in silence...
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      What are good starter supplements to help with loudness hyperacusis?

      I also have TMJ.
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      Hyperacusis on/off
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      I get dizzy when I look to my far right with my just my eyes.
      Also after a while my hyperacusis gets worse after this.

      How do I get a diagnosis for this stuff, what type of doctor should I try?

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