Hyperacusis Severely Worsened to Unlivable Suicidal Levels. Should I Go to Hospital/Get Steroids?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Rojo, Apr 1, 2019.

    1. Rojo

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      Has anyone had steroids help with hyperacusis spikes and/or have them reduce the pain and sensitivity?

      I'm literally in pain from every single noise. My hyperacusis has worsened severely over the past two weeks.

      I don't even know how I could get to the hospital without even further destroying my ears, but I have Lyme disease/benzo withdrawal/IBS/awful neuro symptoms I need to see doctors for so I'm not healthy and able to just hermit for years, plus this has never gotten better, only worse, and I live with my parents who do not understand and won't let me just lay here for that long doing nothing.

      Maybe they might even find and/or treat an underlying cause.

      It feels like a long shot but right now it seems like that, or suicide, so anyone think steroids might have a chance of helping?
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    2. PolarSun

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      It helped me! I did two rounds, saved my sanity helped lower both the t and h
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    3. Juan

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      Several causes
      My ENT recommended Deflazacort 30 mg, 1 pill every morning, for a few days. Give it a try for 3 - 5 days and see if it helps.
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      Hey @Rojo . How's it going? If you tried them, did the steroids help?

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