Hypertension and Tinnitus Tones Mimicking External Sounds

Discussion in 'Support' started by wwtsai, Feb 7, 2021.

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      Hi all,

      I've got a two-fold issue that's popped up recently. Last week, I was taking NAC, ALC, and Lemon Bioflavonoids for my tinnitus. Over the week, I noticed this ultra high pitched buzzsaw sound in my left ear which became unbearable. On Friday, I ended up checking my blood pressure and found it was really high (160/100) and figured it may have been due to a conflict with the bioflavonoids and my blood pressure meds (Losartan and Diltiazem). My blood pressure was back to normal the next morning (120/75) and the buzzsaw sound disappeared. I decided I'd stop taking all supplements as I wasn't noticing any benefit. Unfortunately, the buzzsaw is back today and my blood pressure is high again even after taking my meds which I'm attributing to the anxiety this is causing.

      I've also noticed that when this buzzsaw sound is active, my other tones will mimic high-pitched external sounds. One of my tones changed pitch after hearing a sound in a game. The weird thing is, I'll only hear it if I replay the sound in my head (which I do pretty often now). This morning, as I was going to the pharmacy to pick up a new blood pressure monitor, my ears picked up on some birds chirping which I can still here.

      This whole thing does sound pretty weird as I'm typing it out. I was wondering if anyone has had similar experience with either or something similar. Thanks.
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      I have something similar with the mimicking. I think it’s a form of musical ear syndrome which is kinda like the brain making up music when there’s lack of stimulus (usually related to hearing loss) so my theory is this is just one of the many weird issues that can come with damage to our hearing.
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