I Am New Here, Just Googling About It to Try and Find Some Answers...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mykael, Apr 3, 2015.

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      unknown...maybe some strange medical condition......
      Hi all :)
      Guess i'm here just like the rest of you wondeering why i have this faint 7500 Hz ringing in my head! (ie. both ears...same sound!). the sound (strangely) relaxes me, because it's that tone i used to get just before falling asleep. I have always worn hearing protection and as for loud musik, well, basically in short bursts. Maybe it's age, as someone suggested. At this point, it really doesn't bother me. Also, with hearing protection and blocking my ears with my fingers I can hear exceptionally well!. It's..... like my hearing has been turned up in sensitivty (hearing volume turned up), for example, I can still hear the breeze and the leaves rustling, so i know i'm not going deaf!!

      ......i'm a bit puzzled about this.

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      Stress? + badluck? Clubbing? IDK!
      Did you exposed your body/mind to a lot of stess last months?

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