I Can Hear Silence When I Plug My Ears with Earplugs or Fingers

Discussion in 'Support' started by frangood, Jun 19, 2019.

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      Hi friends,

      I have two different ringing tones on each ear but I can only hear it in a silent room. When I put my fingers in my ears or use earplugs (but without pressure) I can hear silence <3. However... if I push the tragus with the fingers I can hear both the ringing tones and a different tone.

      Anyone there with the same behavior? Any advice?

      On the other hand, sometimes I hear the right ear's tinnitus louder, but using Valsalva I can balance both ears and then I can hear both but lower :D

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      Loud music
      Same for me. The loud screech in one ear drowns out the other, which when I plug both ears sounds like wind chimes with two tones alternating gently.

      I'm not sure if I would rather have that as the louder one or not tbh. I believe this is quite common though. Someone may think that they have a"good" ear and a "bad" ear, but unfortunately it's more likely to be a bad ear and a worse ear.

      We can but hope it subsides by looking after ourselves.

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