I Don't Know What to Do!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Abe, Apr 7, 2015.

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      I dont know
      As I was typing I heard my left ear crackle and now i hear a faint bit still noticeable high pitched ring it seems to be flickering.
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      Hi Abe and everyone else I've had To for the past 3 plus years. My left ear used to be worse than my right bit just recently, my right ear seems to have caught up with my left ear as far as pitch and intensity goes. I even get that wobbly/dryer on very fast spin cycle sound on top of it too. Right now I've been woken up by what feels like a spike in my right ear. I know I shouldn't think about it buy it can't be helped---nature of having this beast in our ears.
      Hope your situation gets better Abe. Hang in there please! Plenty of good people here who will listen and understand your journey.
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      not sure
      Please calm down,Abe. New T is known to be unpredictable. First the ears may be unsettled. Second is that the mind of a new sufferer is quite traumatized and erroneously treat T as a threat. It zooms on T non-stop and so it becomes quite nerve wrecking. Best thing is to calm down to know that T will eventually settle down for most people, especially young people. Think ahead a year or two from now, you will be okay. Then you can save your nerve for all the unpredictable things T can do to you. If you need to, try mask your T so you don't get too nervous. Do any of these sounds work for you?


      If it helps you by reading how some young people cope with T or even write their success stories, here are two young posters of success stories.

      success story of 17 years old Zach:

      success story of Jari with T since 12 years old:
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      Ear infection
      Spot on Billie!
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      Hey Abe!

      I am sorry you are going through such a tough time..

      What I can suggest you is to calm your mind down by breathing slowly and deep as to calm your body.. Try to look at your emotions and responses to your T and work on that level, by understanding the feeling and learning to accept it..
      Keep busy and stay close to people you care for.. Try masking as well, it can be of great help if you find the right sound..

      I truly wish you well and come here if you need to..

      Take care.

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      Really don't know
      Hi Abe... I hope you are feeling better... I took magnesium last night and it helped me relax a little... Also if you can find lavander oil I use doterra oils that oil helps relax too... It helps me... I've had T for 7 weeks now and it does get better... Just hang in there and try to do things you enjoy and. Pay less attention to the t... God bless you
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      Specific issues
      Abe: You are having anxiety issues - sometimes certain medication can trigger this as well like increase in heart rate etc. Try to relax in some way - reading, bath...soft music. Avoid caffeine. I would share your concerns to your Dr. Fullness in ears - sounds like an ongoing infection - otitis media (ear infection) and/or possibly sinus infection. etc. I noticed at this time of the year, pollen is high too with allergy sufferers. How have you been lately - is the medication helping?
      A natural alternative called "Somnapure", drinking "Sleepytime" tea or Chamomile tea helps with insomnia (and relaxing).

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