I Feel Embarrassed to Complain

Discussion in 'Support' started by Karl28, Apr 12, 2015.

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      So we just moved into a new office last Friday.

      However in the room I will be in we needed 8 desks and PC's and there was only like 2 network points already in that room.

      So we got a network switch and put it in there but the noise it was making was noisy. Not at all loud but loud enough so that hearing it all day would annoy me very much. I spoke to one of the other guys I work with who would be sitting on the desk right next to it and got him to agree with me and we raised the issue with my boss.



      So if you look in the pictures what my boss did was move it from on top of that shelf to inside the cupboard below it.

      We just drilled a few holes in it for the cables to go though and also for some ventilation.

      However it seems counter productive because before I went home a few hours after I opened it up and it was quite warm inside and I think because of that it was making the fan spin up even louder which would defeat the whole purpose of putting it inside to make the room more quiet.

      There's really no where else to put it and the only other way to resolve this would be to ask to move me to another room or ask them to see if they have a more quieter replacement they can use.

      But I doubt they have any other ones because thats probably all they have and I dont know if they would want to spend money of a better one (thats actually a switch for use on a big rack so its not really suitable technically) and with moving to another room there are 2 main rooms, this one and another and then maybe 10 other single small rooms not getting used that are a bit out the way which might make me look anti-social.

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      You can try and put a small cooling fan in the back of your cabinet ( the are available on line and they are cheep ) , I did that with all of my computer desks to exhaust the heat so that the internal CPU fan would stay at lower rpm's. Also, you may want to pull the PC covers and clean the dust out of all of the fans in the unit with canned compressed air. If the cooling fins are blocked up that will cause the CPU cooling fan to run faster and louder, I clean mine once a year. You should not have to put up with all of that noise.

      Good luck
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      My pc's water-cooled and runs so quietly! Although it's a gaming pc.
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      Can you get a doctors letter to explain that you have a real and serious problem so that your boss will understand and not think you are being just a pain in his rear? Then you may not feel so embarrassed. Imagine a deaf person and the scenarios they face but they are not embarrassed or made to feel silly because people accept their deafness as a real issue.

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