I Have Occasional Tinnitus Bouts — Current One Started Around the Time I Caught COVID-19

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by redleader74, Mar 24, 2023.

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      Hello everyone. I am new to Tinnitus Talk having discovered it just today. I am from California, USA.

      I have encountered tinnitus through my life since I was a middle school age child. My first tinnitus experience ever was being awoken at night by tinnitus. It was very frightening.

      Unlike many of you, my tinnitus is not constant. I have occasional bouts.

      My current bout started at the beginning of this year (January 2023) at the same time I caught COVID-19. It didn't bother me all that much until this past week when it appeared to intensify. Over the past couple of days, the intensifying of this tinnitus bout has triggered fairly server depression/anxiety/panic attacks, to which I'm not stranger to.

      I just saw my primary care physician yesterday who, to no surprise, told me there is no cure and that even ENT physicians won't be able to do anything about it. However, I just wanted to make sure that my ear didn't have any issues, such as ear infection, etc.

      So now, I'm frantically searching online for resources, support groups, therapies, etc.

      This current bout has really unleashed a terrible horrifying experience in me. To be honest, it's not physically unbearable for example, I can't hear it in the shower or in louder environments. But it's the mystery of it all, including "when will it end?" or "will it get worse."

      Tomorrow I'm seeing my dentist to see if I have any TMD problems, which could also be a trigger.

      Anyway, I'm glad to be hear and looking forward to any and all resources.
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      Noise induced
      Don't panic. Most tinnitus spikes go into remission. Your anxiety and panic attacks are making it worse. Consider CBT with a certified CBT specialist, preferably someone who has experience with tinnitus (Dr. Bruce Hubbard). Your tinnitus doesn't seem to be the main issue, in your case, it's the anxiety that comes with it.

      Doctors are useless. Don't waste your time. Don't let ENTs dig around in your ear. Avoid MRIs unless life-saving. Keep your teeth very clean from now on, as you must avoid dentist drills.

      Do not do anything loud. Throw away your headphones and earbuds. Buy good earplugs or earmuffs (Mack's Ultra Soft earplugs, Peltor X5A earmuffs) if you want to do anything loud.

      Take it easy, you'll be fine. There's good treatments, like Susan Shore's device coming out. If anyone promises you they can silence your tinnitus they are scammers.
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