I Hear a Whooshing Sound Only When Lying on My Stomach & When Flexing My Core

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mr.H, Mar 29, 2021.

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      To start, I want to say that I’m fairly new here. So I apologize in advance if I haven’t followed any protocols.

      Here is my pulsatile tinnitus situation: Every time that I lie on my stomach, with a pillow underneath the chin to watch something on my laptop (I know, I know, not the greatest posture), I get a whooshing sound in my right ear with the rhythm of my heartbeat. It then stops after around a minute. The only other situation where this happens is if I flex my core, similar to when you try to defecate (pardon the image) but in this case, it is not a pulsatile whooshing but a continues one only for the duration of the flexing.

      Has anyone else experienced this set of unusual symptoms and how did you go about it?
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      @Mr.H This is exactly the same for me when laying on my stomach, I've had it for years.. Also the same whooshing, but more briefly, when I have a deep stretch/click my lower back!

      Did you ever find any information?
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