I Started Hearing a Whooshing Sound in My Left Ear After a Cold

Discussion in 'Support' started by Louise_ann, Oct 14, 2019.

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      Hi all, I'm 29 female from Perth Western Australia.

      I got many colds and viruses this year and after a particularly bad one I started hearing whooshing in my left ear. It became so loud I couldn't sleep at night.

      It disappeared for a few weeks until I got another cold. Now it's back but it comes and goes, tends to be worse from 12pm to 6pm.

      I already suffer pretty intense health anxiety and anxiety in general about medical settings since I experienced some medical trauma 2 years ago.

      I saw a doctor twice. The first one looked in my ear and said he saw mild inflammation and to come back in a week, which I did. I had a massive panic attack and then he said I needed to go to hospital... He looked in my ears again and said nothing. I explained it was in time with my pulse etc.

      My ears continue to pop and I get pressure and pain in my left ear. Sometimes it feels like warm liquid could come out at any moment but it's just a sensation. I'm also not producing any ear wax in this ear which is really odd. Could this just be a residual effect of having multiple colds this year?

      I have an appointment with a doctor tomorrow but I'm really nervous because this has been coming and going since the first of September. Anything I should suggest to get the ball rolling?

      Anyone with similar experiences?

      Thank you.
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      IMO... Give it time. It will most likely clear up on its own, but may take a few months to fully fade away.

      I don't think you should worry.
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