I Think I Might Have Tinnitus... Can It Go Away? :(

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by STi, Dec 7, 2015.

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      So on Thanksgiving...My buddy was outside trying to get his sport bike started....I went and got my booster and was holding it on seat while he was trying to start it...bike was a bit choppy and he was doing small revs...then he whacked it and it was soo loud I felt something in my right ear...I was on the opposite side of pipe but at the location of the end of pipe onot opposite side of bike....Didn'the really notice anything other than slightly hurting ears....

      But after I left realized my ears were ringing....and it's been ringing since....can this ringing go away on its own? Or am I screwed?
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      If I was you, I would immediately go not call an ENT and tell them what happend. Only if treated quickly can they give you a steroid that can help treat what you may have already permanently damaged.
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      STi (are you sure that letter sequence is a good one?)....if medical treatment is to help, then the sooner the better (as sorryforusall says. Sorry...I'm a Brit....a bit shameful to have to ask...when was Thanksgiving? It's said that steroids should really best be started in the first 48hours, but may still have some affect up to 4-6 weeks.

      For those folk who have 'missed the window of opportunity' or. like me, can only take steroids if in life-threatening situations. the good news is that noise-induced tinnitus can still go of its own accord after a number of months.

      So, whatever, STi, you may not be screwed......innuendo unintended

    4. AUTHOR

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      Nov 26...13days....I generally don't take meds as they usually mess something else up to fix intended issue. I been hoping it just goes away. :(
    5. Michael Leigh

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      Drs don't usually like to treat tinnitus with anything unless there is an underlining medical problem causing the it. The best treatment for sudden onset of tinnitus is to do nothing but see your Dr first. If you go to ENT they'll probably carry out a series of tests. If there is no underling medical problem causing it they'll advise to leave well alone. If you are having stress because of the tinnitus, which is quite usual they may advise anti-depressants. Drs prefer to treat tinnitus after about 6 months.

      After this time the condition is considered to be long term, although anything up to a year tinnitus has been known to go away. Use sound enrichment at night with a a sound machine. Avoid quiet rooms as this will make you focus on the tinnitus more. Play low-level non intrusive music in the background. It's not a good idea to mask or cover up the tinnitus as your brain will not be able habituate to the tinnitus.

      Best advice I can give you is Don't listen to any type of audio through headphones even at low volume. Keep away from loud music but at the same time avoid quiet rooms during the day and particularly at night.

      Best of luck
    6. StephanieLC

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      Perforated eardrum
      I've asked a couple doctors about steroids but none to seem to know about giving them for tinnitus. I'd like to know more. Where can I find information about this? Thanks!

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