I Tried ‘hydraSense’ to Clear My Sinuses and Hurt My Tinnitus Ear?! Help?!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Vin, Oct 1, 2019.

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      I was having chest congestion at night and my GP examined me and thinks it is post nasal drip because it goes away during the day and my chest is clear.

      I went to the Pharmacy and they recommended a nasal rinse and decongestant. I said I would start with trying the hydraSense Nasal Rinse - medium spray.

      I followed the directions, leaned over the sink, tilted my head to the left and right and squirted in the opposite nostril. As soon as I lifted my head, I could feel water in my ears so I gently blew my nose and yeah, a ton of mucus came out but my ears were crackling.

      Now my tinnitus ear is clicking and popping with mild pressure feeling. Has this happened to anyone? Is it just water stuck in there that will go away?

      So now on top of the tinnitus in my left ear I have pressure, clicking and some pain.

      I am so pissed off at myself for even thinking of putting a rinse that would be connected to my ear! Grrrrr!

      I guess I will go to a walk-in tomorrow. It has been about 4 days.

      I was just starting to habituate but now this is driving me crazy.

      Any help?! Advice? Experience with this?! Ugh!
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