I'm Feeling Very Depressed That Music Sounds Very Different and Out of Tune :( Please Help Me Guys

Discussion in 'Support' started by Cam Cam, Dec 4, 2016.

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      Hey there.

      I love music and it's sadly given me tinnitus. The biggest issue is that music just sounds out of tune due to hearing damage where i can't pick up certain frequencies.

      Are there hearing aids that help mask the tinnitus and make music more enjoyable again (at low volumes of course)
    2. DefNFlaky

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      Acoustic Trauma
      Yes, but you need to go to an audiologist to set them properly. Do not go for those cheap aids you see on TV as they are just as bad as earbuds.

      The trick I tried is to play your favorite music and try to remember the frequency of those notes over the tinnitus. It takes some practice but I was able to adjust and hear music without hearing the T.
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      The first thing you need to do is to get a referral to an ENT clinic and tests carried out on your auditory system. If you listen to music through headphones then I advise you to stop, don't even listen as low volumes is my advice. Click on the link below as the you might find the information helpful.
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      Cam Cam, I am a music lover Myself, Tinnitus will only take Music from us if We let it, You and I are two against one now, Music helped Me when I had no escape and it does to this day with other things, Tinnitus is fighting US, not the other way around.

      What is Your favorite music?

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