I'm Kathy — This Time My Tinnitus Came On for No Apparent Reason While Sitting in a Chair

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Patriotkate, Apr 20, 2019.

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      Hi, my name is Kathy and this is my first time to a site about tinnitus.

      I have had tinnitus about 20 years off and on. Usually for a while after catching a cold.

      This time it came on for no apparent reason while I was sitting in a chair with my dog. It is the worse bout I have ever had going on for 5 weeks now. I tried masking. Nasal steroids. Saw my ENT- awaiting a hearing test.

      The problem this time is sleeping. The noise is so loud that I am having trouble sleeping and it is taking its toll on me. My ENT recommended Melatonin. The first night it worked the second night it didn't. My nerves are terrible. I tried sleeping on 3 pillows. That made it worse.

      It seems to get worse when I lay down.

      My ears are crackling when I swallow. The left seems to be worse than the right. I tried ear buds with an audio book when it's time to sleep.

      Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank You, Kathy
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      Aspirin Toxicity/Possibly Noise
      Were you taking any meds? Under any stress?

      Please be careful with the earbuds.
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      Consider going for a hearing test at an audiologist. It could reveal something useful and actionable.
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      Noise trauma, hearing loss
      Why are your ears cracking when you swallow?

      What did your ENT say... sounds like you get it after colds, could it be ETD, the tubes are clogged up?

      I get cracking too when I swallow, at first I thought it was the bones, still might be, but it's very likely to be caused by mucus and congestion. I notice my clicking dissipates a lot when I have no mucus.

      I do a lot of steam baths, may benefit you as well.

      Sorry you're here, but welcome...
      Ask your ENT why you get the cracking... and report if you get any good info... I'd love to know.

      Keep reaching out for help... good luck, stay strong.
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      noise injury
      Tonal audiograms miss so much, we know that. Don't give new comers bad advice.
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      Acoustic Trauma
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