Increased Internal Sounds from Neck Brought on by Anxiety

Discussion in 'Support' started by Rafaa, Feb 13, 2023.

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      Who knows? I have Patulous ET and ETD + Other things
      For me, sometimes anticipatory anxiety or anxiety caused by a distressing event causes a feeling of increased head pressure which tends to lead to fullness in the ear with other symptoms. There is autophony, which consists of hearing my voice within my head, some thumping in the ear pulse-synchronous, thumping of footsteps audible in the ear - probably the sounds from the neck, swoosh when I turn my head and popping when I bend over and back again and some facial tightness on one side.

      As a baseline these sounds can be heard at times when I'm not having an episode. Also vibration from an electric shaver placed on my neck is very audible in one ear, the ear that has worse tinnitus.

      Has anyone else experienced this, or come across it?

      I've visited various ENTs and did a high resolution CT, CTA, MRI IAC. All have come back clear. No SCDS.

      I am struggling to find what the name of this horrible disease is. It's far worse than my regular bilateral tinnitus. I want to find out if this is caused by contracted middle ear muscles, increased activity of my auditory nerve, or perhaps a CSF blockage that alleviates as the stress goes away.

      I tend to lean towards it being the middle ear muscles as these muscles in the problematic ear trigger rumbling from even scratching the right side of the back of head, and at times the eyebrow and even smiling.

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