Indoor Only Hypercacusis...?

Discussion in 'Support' started by damnit!, Feb 15, 2018.

    1. damnit!

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      anxiety/headphones/who knows
      I almost sure I'm having some form of the H or/and TTTS...

      The weird thing is, when I'm outside or large indoor, I don't have a symptom of H. No noise really bothers outside...But when inside my house or my moms house, different story...The sound of my wifes voice, sons voice, my own voice, light switch, etc. causes spasms/sensation/discomfort in left ear and only a little in my right ear...I don't see these sounds as loud or bothersome, but the sensations sometimes are..

      Any thoughts..?
    2. RedRoseBud

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      1 mg Klonopin/day 23 years is suspected cause
      We are twins with the H. Only inside. I hear all the pool pumps in the neighborhood when inside my house. Sound needs walls to bounce off, I have found. I too have no issues (so far) when I leave the house and go to other places. It's so weird. I also have T, loud ringing that does not bother me. My issue is, I can't sleep. There are pool pumps (and somebody has powerful data server) that run all day and half the night. This is all new for me. I'm pretty miserable lately.
    3. Taylorslay

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      Years of excessively loud headphone use
      My symptoms are always worse inside some kind of space. Whether that be at home or in the car. Likely its due to how sound travels. Since it is a vibration and when your inside you don't have as much sound disrupting each others vibrations and causing a "dampening effect" as I would say. Inside everything's so cut and dry. Think of it this way, if you scream inside a narrow hallway everything will be louder. The sounds are bouncing off the falls more and you are in a closer proximity. However when you are outside and you scream, it isn't near as loud.
    4. VRZ78

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      Viral Infection
      It's likely because the base noise level is lower indoors. So when there is noise it goes from zero to lots of noise, and as something is wrong with your middle ear it create a spams or something.

      I used to have this as well but it faded. The more you think about it the more it will happen.

      Try to have some background music on or the TV to see if it helps.
    5. JohnTyler

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      Central Illinois USA
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      Probably loud power equipment/loud music
      My experience is exactly the same. When I am outside nothing bothers me. The second I'm in the car or house my wife's voice, my son's voices, light switches just like you said feel like they pierce into my brain. Even chewing on something loud like cereal or chips freaking hurts. And mainly In the left ear which is where my severe tinnitus is. I also have a small scab In that ear that will not heal no matter what I do. At least we are not alone?..
    6. japongus

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      What about when you're outside, and you hear your ''wifes voice, sons voice, my own voice, light switch,'', what about when it's silent outside and you hear those sounds? Sound difference hyperacusis, as opposed to sound loudness hyperacusis, is shared by many of us, especially if we have low frequency tinnitus with it. I've never heard of the reason for the hyperacusis being that it's when the window is closed as opposed to open, or if the room is small as opposed to big. But if so, maybe it's a pressure issue, or a perilymph fistula or something to do with air pressure.

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