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      Many of us are aware of Auris Medical's AM-101 programme which aims to treat acute inner ear tinnitus. Perhaps less well known at TinnitusTalk is a 2nd clinical trial programme from Auris Medical which aims to treat acute inner ear hearing loss. We have recently been in touch with Mr. Meyer (CEO of Auris Medical) in order to learn more about their AM-111 clinical trial programme - here are a few facts we picked-up:
      • AM-111 is a so-called "orphan drug" - meaning that the condition to be treated is relatively rare and no satisfactory treatments exist.
      • Both AM-101 and AM-111 have been in development since 2003.
      • The vast majority of participants in the Phase 2 trial suffered not only from acute hearing loss, but also from acute tinnitus (80%). Interestingly, the superior hearing recovery in the AM-111 0.4 mg/mL group vs. placebo was supported by more frequent complete tinnitus remission. Among the severe-to-profound hearing loss patients receiving the low dose of AM-111 56% enjoyed complete tinnitus remission, whereas in the placebo group it was only 26%. This finding suggests that preservation of sensory cochlear cells may prevent tinnitus and hearing loss at the same time.
      In addition, Auris Medical supplied us with the following statement:

      “AM-111 is a powerful drug that has shown great potential for protecting sensory tissues inside the cochlea following some acute injury”, commented Thomas Meyer, Auris Medical’s founder, Chairman and CEO. “It complements nicely our AM-101 program, which is also targeting patients suffering from acute inner ear injury. We intend to position AM-111 as an emergency treatment for those patients who suffer from both acute hearing loss and tinnitus and who seek and have access to early treatment, whereas AM-101 will target those patients who suffer primarily from tinnitus and seek treatment only later.” After AM-101, AM-111 is already the second drug showing promise for the treatment of acute tinnitus, and the search for further treatment options continues, he added.

      If you happen to have been part of the trial, feel free to share your experience below!
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      Having my T from acoustic shock for about 5 months, can't help but think "Frak, i've been too early to the party"
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      An update of the original post has been shared by TinnitusTalk on the social media. Feel free to rate/share/comment the update to help spread awareness and support of pharmacological treatments.

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      so when it s coming to market so we can give it a try?
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      Inner ear barotrauma (diving)
      I've read that AM-111 is being tested following acute acoustic trauma or sudden deafness within 48 hours from onset.

      I guess everyone here is far from that timeframe ! Also it only works for people with severe hearing loss (others seems to have recovered on their own).

      Whatever, that's really good news.
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      That thought comes across my mind often. When I was talking to my counsellor he mentioned that I may have got it anyways from wanting to motorcycle, be around loud cars and clubs. But it would've been much better to gradually get it a few years from now than when I did as I may have been able to try different acute treatments.
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      This is stupid,90% of people have acustic trauma,the damage don't show immediately is taking weeks an some time month too start filing the symptoms,and they talking about 48h.
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