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      Hi all. I've just joined this forum as I found the posts and people on here very helpful. I've just started to experience t. I don't no what brought it on. Only things I can think of is. I went in the pool on a recent holiday. And went under water. Only to have to come straight back up with water up my noise I think. The pain in my sinus for about 10 secs was horrid. Then I flew home about 4 days after that. And since I've been back I've have a high pitch wine in my head or ears. Also a lower one. Sounds like morse code. I went to my gp. And he checked my ears and nose and gave me a nasal spray called AVAMYS and he has also refured me to an ent. I'm hopeful that this sound will go. This forum is a real help. I'm really struggling with it. I find my self panicking sometimes. I'm trying so hard to stay positive.
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      A warm welcome to the forum Marc,
      Tinnitus can be tough going in the beginning as our tinnitus sound invades our quiet time and the unwanted emotions that come along with it.
      For some people it does go away and for some people it stays.
      Try remain positive it could go away but happy to hear you have been referred to ENT to get checked out.
      Try do what you can to relax and stay calm as stress can feed tinnitus and stress cause anxiety etc.
      Keep posting for support .....lots of love glynis
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      If it is the low sound that sounds like morse code, you might want to google "typewriter tinnitus". There is some evidence it can be treated with Carbamazepine. Probably won't do anything for the high pitched T though.
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      Who knows?
      I've recently refunded to this forum after a while not noticing my own T and not wanting to think about it. It's an up and down process but one thing you'll learn, if it doesn't go away, is that you'll be able to live with it. Good luck.

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