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      I am 72 and have had Tinnitus for about 10 months or so. Most of the time I have been able to ignore it but it seems to make concentration more difficult. Just joined and want to learn as much as possible.--macdeknife
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      :welcomesignanimation: Hey Macdeknife!! Tinnitus ("T") can absolutely interfere with concentration, as well as a whole host of other things!! :confused:. I am glad you are able to ignore it most of the time!!

      Glad you joined us here on TT!! You can learn a whole lot by exploring and participating in some of the numerous threads on this great forum!! You will also find fantastic support here as well! :) So feel free to share your struggles/journey as well as your successes!! :D

      Best to you, and silence soon I pray!!


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      2007: Meds(Antidepressant) 2014: Meds(Antibiotics)
      welcome! I've been here for one day and I already like it a lot :) People seem to be very friendly.
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      Likely stress, anxiety, an antibiotic and nsaids
      MACDEKNIFE :welcomesignanimation:
      T is a bugger; that's for sure. It's good to hear that you have been able to ignore it (for 10 months); it took me about 10 months before I could start ignoring it. Maybe you're not annoyed by the sound so much as the idea that it is not going away -- at least that is what I wrestled with.

      Most folks that have learned to live with T find it best when they can relax (just accept it) and we've found that simple exercise (anything) is generally good (take a walk, do some gardening, whatever). It's also best when you are busy with something (occupied).

      Hope this helps a little

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