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      I'm in my mid 50's I have had it two to three weeks now. I went to a loud concert (Beck) in mid July but it wasn't like this till later in August. These sound guys ought to be held responsible for running up the volume. There's no need for it and it's a public heath issue as far as I'm concerned. It really ticks me off since it's ruining my enjoyment of music.

      I have an 8 khz tone none-stop and last night getting to sleep was awful. I think I have something else going on since my ears feel blocked. I'm supposed to fly overseas later this week so off to the Dr this afternoon to get an initial assessment.
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      Had my ears checked yesterday. Right one had wax blockage that even the NP couldnt remove. Got some drops to soften it up. Last evening I had 1/2 a banana, a hamburger (no bun) and a couple of glasses of wine. Around 7pm I noticed the T was pretty much gone, but alas, it was back this AM. Dr. said it's likely from the concert and likely to go away. I can only hope.

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      Good luck. I can't believe there is no cure for T. Try to mask your sound at night with fan, make sure get good nite sleep other wise it will make you feel tired. I got no sleep for a good month when I first got T. This is my 2nd month and my T is less aggressive now and i can sleep well and that too without any sound or music.

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