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      My name is Scott, 45 with some wicked somatic tinnitus. It developed last August after some trauma and tension in the neck and then my PT tried some neck manipulation which I think led back of the head tinnitus. It gets worse with a massage or pressure applied to the back of the head. It is constant, day and night, and it drives me crazy. I used to be a very active and involved person, now I am becoming a recluse. It takes a great deal of strength to be normal. I don't hear the tinnitus in my ears, it is in the back of the head. I have had my hearing checked out and it all checks out normal for my age. The ENT doc, attempted to mask my tinnitus and could not since it is at 52 hertz (basically the sound of people talking).

      This week I will begin physical therapy, hopefully TENS treatment I heard this helps. Also, my neck traction to relieve some pressure, since I do have some severe narrowing of the C4-C5 spine, which also effects the nerves in my left hand. I have always had some neck issues, I just never thought it would lead to this kind of pain.

      I am being seen by a neurologist and looks like I will be starting gabapentin and neurotin and in the future a neurosurgeon due to the degeneration of the cervical spine.

      In the meantime, has anyone discovered a home treatment for somatic tinnitus? I am amazed at how this can be so constant and annoying.

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