Is Prednisone Effective 6 Weeks Out for Hearing Loss?

Discussion in 'Support' started by jdjd09, Feb 5, 2016.

    1. jdjd09

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      So I went into second ent to get opinion. They did hearing test and said I have slight loss of hearing. I stated this occurred about 6 weeks ago. He stated that the drug is most effective sooner rather than later, but he prescribes it 3 months out.

      I am in the am-101 trials and haven't touched the drug yet. But my question is can prednisone potentially help retain some hearing at this point? Again I know its most effective 4/weeks out or back, but is there evidence it could potentially help me regain some hearing? I'm willing to be opted out of the open label trial if it will possibly help. I care .more about hearing than ringing, but both are associated.

      Thanks for any information.
    2. Atlantis

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      Prednisone is effective only for 24 hours after onset.
    3. AlexSongitus

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      Noise induced
      I don't know if you saw my post yesterday but I personally don't think Prednisone had any effect on restoring my hearing, because I was on it for a week, and my 2nd hearing test actually came back worse. I don't know how much of my first test was due to my T onset but it definitely didn't restore anything for me.
    4. AUTHOR

      jdjd09 Member

      I have heard its effective within 2 to 4 weeks. Also there is a thread on here that states an ENT said up to three months. Can someone just let me know if there is any hard fast rules?
    5. Aaron123

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      There isn't some magical cutoff, and I really don't think you will get any new information that you haven't gotten in the other threads where you have asked about this. I would go back and look at those threads and see what people had to say.
    6. AUTHOR

      jdjd09 Member

      There was no real answer. The ent I saw said he will prescribe it to anyone 3months out but its most effective sooner rather than later. But those threads never really answered the question so maybe there is some evidence out there that says it can help?
    7. Sailboardman

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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.
      I had a direct injection and a tapered 8 day course of Prednisone, two weeks after my SSHL and initially my T was silenced, but after that, my T came back and my hearing was still gone. I even had an intratympanic injection of cortiosteroids done and it did zip to restore any hearing.
    8. Bobby B

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      long term NIHL and recent acoustic trauma
      my ENT - who gave me Prendisone right away, said that based on the shared info they have, they don't prescribe it if the trauma is over 4 weeks as it has not effect.
      I was already 2.5 weeks in when I started so I did not get the full benefits as I waited too long to see an ENT - my fault - but I noticed an improvement in hearing and decrease in T - almost gone for one full day - at the end of the week long treatment. But once I tapered off Prendisone T came back strong again, but hearing still remained better. like I wrote about 10db better at 4khz and then much better at over 8khz.
      Not sure how much this can be attributed to steroids alone as I took other stuff and did also some LLLT during that time.
      I am 47 years old so my opinion is that my healing pace takes longer and my ears were more damaged and for longer time than yours, so you have even better chances to get back even more db since you are young.
    9. yonkapin

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      No it isn't. 24 to 72 hours is the usual recommended frame of time to treat acute hearing loss, but there are multiple studies that state it's efficacy weeks out from exposure to loud noise or ototoxic drugs. It's silly putting out blanket statements like this.

      I would suggest that the OP give it a crack, it might help permanently - or it might not. Most of us who do try treatment seem to get a significant reduction of symptoms, even if only temporarily. The side effects you might read about online only really apply to long term treatment, except for things like insomnia and increased appetite.

      Good luck.
    10. baz 22

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      I said give it a shot if you can get it. I am goin ask my gp this week and i am 6 weeks out also. Worth a shot, what you got to lose.
    11. Thea

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      I developed sudden tinnitus after surgery a week ago. I was told that the prednisilone needs to be taken within 2-4 weeks to be effective. Took it for one day and all symptoms vanished. Came back the next day so am back on it and hoping for a miracle. I can hear fine, just have horrid tinnitus. I thought the loss was meant not to be intermittent so am rather confused, apart from anything else. The steroids make me feel really ill.

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