Is Taking NAC (N-Acetylcysteine) and Magnesium Everyday Safe?

Discussion in 'Support' started by MikeO123, Jul 5, 2019.

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      Hey everyone,

      I was wondering if it was safe to take 600 mg of NAC and 250 mg of magnesium everyday? Should it be taken for weeks or months and then stopped or is it safe to continuously take?
    2. Daniel S.

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      For magnesium, the recommended daily value is around 400 mg, so 250 mg should be okay. And for NAC, I believe 600 mg is considered a normal daily dose. That being said, you should probably check with a doctor just to be sure, especially if you have any other chronic health issues that could be affected by supplements.
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    3. vttbx

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      You should read my recent post under the NAC thread. I'm going to cut down on my NAC intake and only take it after noise exposure.
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    4. Tex

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      I take both of these every day, same dose as OP. I started them long after T and have found no adverse affects.
    5. dayma

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      I have had zero effects taking NAC either positive or negative. I could be taking a sugar pill for all I know :)
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    6. Eric N

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      I agree. These supplements don't do shit.
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    7. Óscar PP

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      They may do nothing for tinnitus, but I'm definitely seeing a difference with them for my post-viral syndrome.

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