Is This an Ear Infection?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Leah Goodair, Apr 21, 2017.


Is What I Describe Below an Ear Infection?

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    1. Leah Goodair

      Leah Goodair Member

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      Hi, for the past couple of weeks I've had a sharp stabbing pain in my right ear. This pain is sudden and sharp though the pain does keep disappearing and coming back but yesterday night I laid down and noticed a loud buzzing and this buzzing hasn't stopped since. I've also noticed more ear wax in this ear then the other.

      Is this an infection of the ear?
    2. maestromusica

      maestromusica Member

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      Go see a doctor!

      Don't ask the internet, someone has to look inside your ear.
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    3. Elinor

      Elinor Member Benefactor

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      Noise exposure and barotrauma
      Yes. I agree with maestromusica. There is no way someone here can determine whether you have one or not. A possible ear infection is a good enough reason to seek a doctor, especially if it has been going on for about two weeks.
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    4. ACG

      ACG Member

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      Not Sure
      Definitely get it checked out, but the kind of stabbing pain you are describing sounds a bit like TMJ/TMD ear pain. The TMD type can be extremely painful and it can be occasional stabbing or longer periods of pressure.

      There are many things that could be triggering it including stress, hormonal changes and some sort of food sensitivity. If your doctor rules out an infection, you might have to experiment a little with your diet, your sleeping position and pain alleviating methods such as massage.
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    5. GregCA

      GregCA Member Benefactor Hall of Fame

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      Go see a doctor. You need an inspection of your ear.
    6. racerfish
      No Mood

      racerfish Member Benefactor

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      Noise / T worsened with antiobiotics
      I'm going through the same thing and saw 2 ENT's who both said it was TMJ. For it to be an ear infection they said the pain would have to be a constant pain and not so intermittent. Hope you got a chance to see a doctor.
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