June 10, 2016

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      Hello all, I’m new here.

      I started to have problems with prolonged tinnitus earlier this year in March not long after a bad flu (don't know if there's a connection). The underlying noise is a hissing which is just about always amplified when I clench my teeth or chew food. So chewing essentially sounds like a leaky balloon or tire being squeezed repeatedly. At its mildest it sounds like sizzling or leaves rustling. It often becomes much more intense and disturbing when it gets louder and becomes more like a high-pitched almost piercing ringing intermixed with the hissing. It has occurred in either ear or in the middle (or floated around). At the same time I usually felt a headache or pressure around the nose or sinuses when this is present. I tried an antibiotic in hopes that I had a sinus infection but it appears that didn’t help.

      The baffling thing is that my nose and breathing through it is clear. My hearing also seems very clear, although it gets muffled briefly but returns to normal (I believe I have some sort of ETD which I have long accepted) This tinnitus & pressure(?) situation is taking me on a evil psychological roller coaster ride where some days are very mild and almost normal (making me think it’s going away) whereas other days are unpredictably bothersome and disturbing to the point where I can’t wait to get home and go right to sleep. I don’t enjoy anything in my life that I would normally enjoy, may family, my job, my hobbies etc.

      I do have appointment for an MRI and to see an ENT specialist on over two months time, but feel by then my intense anxiety and stress will kill me if I at least don’t have a professional answer as to what is going on or at least talk with someone who has actually experienced something similar. What is it? is it something in my head?, is it serious?, Is it permanent? etc. I feel myself starting to sink into depression and despair.

      Can someone here please be kind enough give me a 'reality check' as to whether any or all of these symptoms sound familiar and what was the cause, that is if there was an actual diagnosis and treatment.

      Thank you kindly, Mark
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      Hi Mark and welcome to Tinnitus Talk.
      As you say your tinnitus is louder when you clench your teeth it could be TMJ Tempromandibular joint problem where pressure in your jaw inflames the new joint that is right by your middle ear causing you tinnitus.
      Get your dentist check it out for you....lots of love glynis
    3. AUTHOR
      Mark P.

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      Hello Glynis,

      Thank you for your reply. This is something I am aware of and has crossed my mind as well, And to be honest I have for a long time heard a slight scraping sound from my jaw joint for many years now, though only when I open my jaw wide. But I never had a problem such as this (and for so long) until this year.

      I did read up a bit on TMJ and to my understanding, if I really had that, I would be experiencing considerable pain in my jaw from movement, chewing etc., but this not the case. My jaw feels perfectly normal.

      Furthermore my clenching+sound reaction is not always the same, When waking up and lying in bed, it is hardly even there, but when I get up start going about my day, it quickly gets worse

      The answer will probably (hopefully) come in August. In the meantime, my anxiety is killing me, and I feel like I'm sinking into depression.

      Thank you once again for the input.

      Perhaps some of the good folks on this forum have any further thoughts on this?


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