Just Got Exposed to the Same Level dB Level That 1 Year Ago Made My Original Tinnitus Worse — Help

Discussion in 'Support' started by shasta0863, Jul 24, 2016.

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      Before June of 2015, I had mild T for 8 years or so. Was from a electronic musical festival in which I also got a temp. threshold shift there. Last year, I awoke to a wood saw outside my window and was exposed for 10 seconds or so before I slammed my window shut (another loud db exposure I shouldn't of done) and 5-6 days later I wen't to bad and my T felt louder than usual. The day after and for next year my T would be higher, ears more sensitive and bad H when it comes to high freq. stuff.

      Now, today, I was trying to fix my computer, had the large metal door to the side of the case (it's a large case) sitting next to me, I bumped it working on the comp and it fell over slamming on the wood. I re-did it with 30db muffs on and my db meter recorded 109db. That's about same level as the wood saw that made my T worse. I feel my ears cannot tolerate 100+ levels and now after already struggling, this has pushed me over the edge. My ear was right next to this thing when it fell and my ear is full (perhaps from H?) and my T is BAD.

      I heard after noise trauma some go into hospital and get steroid injection. Would this not be wise in my case? I'm absolutely scared beyond belief I have now just further damaged myself.
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      this is nothing to be worried about, and you just need to calm down.
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      Appreciate the confidence, but I honestly feel peoples ear can get so bad, or be so trashed that even db level such as that, which you supposedly can manage for a little over a minute before damage, don't apply to some of us with bad damage.

      My T was mild for years and noise impulses didn't change it, but a year ago a wood saw outside my window woke me up, and that was maybe 10 seconds of exposure, supposedly ok. Yet, 6 days later, bad T that was getting worse and fluctuating for months and H that was worse, especially with high freq. sounds.

      It's hard to believe sudden impulses in the 100-115 for even a few seconds are safe after what I experience, really just depressing.

      Oral and injection type steroids seem to be more for sudden hearing loss, not really for acoustic apparently...at least that's what I'm reading...just hard to play this waiting game and hope this goes down.

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