Lidocaine Temporarily Diminished My Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by KingRoanoke, Dec 12, 2014.

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      Look at what the dog is wearing.
      This was a very bizarre experience. I went to the dentist for a root canal. I was very resistant to the initial injection of lidocaine as I was feeling pain during the surgery. The dentist eventually injected my jaw with a lot of Lidocaine - much more than he initially thought was needed. And my T seemed....gone. As I was leaving I couldn't hear my T at all. It could have been there, but at a lower level - I didn't hear it though. I later went online and checked and it seems this is a strange phenomenon.

      Are currently researched treatments for T looking at Lidocaine's potential mechanism of action?

      Pretty cool that there actually is a thing like this, though! Not cool enough for me to go to the dentist more often, though. Hence the root canal.... :/
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      interesting that you posted this today... this is the avenue that should have been explored 20 years ago as this phenomenon with lidocaine has been documented for awhile now-- lidocaine is a calcium channel blocker- and some potassium channels open in response to calcium- calcium channels close-then pottasium channels close-- hence the effect on T- or the hypothesized effect--- 20 years later and how much research has been done regarding this-- basically none until just the past few years--- sad
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    3. Mr. Cartman

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      This is VERY interesting! I think its related to the lateral pterygoideus. Im going to have this muscle injected in a couple of days. I think this muscle is a killer and is able to generate tinnitus all by its own..
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      Probably headphones
      Have a look at this. Her thesis about this is also online and posted in TT as well:

      Trigger point injection treatment for tinnitus...
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    5. DebInAustralia

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      What is the name of the person performing this trigger point injection
    6. lapidus

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      Noise induced
      Marja Estola, it's in the title of the video.
    7. Tha_b_man

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      This would make sense due to the fact most of us can clench our teeth and get a change in pitch and volume of our T.
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      Acoustic Trauma but little earing loss...
      Maybe lidocaine patch is enough to have some relief. In France is possible to buy this stuff...
      I should try ? maybe. Just like this university in California :

      Best R.

    9. Leah

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      Ironic that I saw this just now, I notice that if I turn my head to extreme right my tinnitus is extremely lower. Also have had dental work with lots of lidocaine in the past weeks and noticed I felt human again. t seemed gone briefly.
    10. Beste

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      Benzo/Clonazepam, Stress
      Will this treatment work for benzo or stress induced T?

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