Lifestyle Changes, Exercise — Positive Effect on Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Kriszti, Mar 28, 2020.

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      Has anyone experienced good results on tinnitus from lifestyle changes, diet and exercise?

      I lead a pretty unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle which got even worse when developing tinnitus. I'm overweight and eat a lot of junk food, don't exercise much, and I'm quite anxious and depressed. In the first 2-3 weeks I lost 15kg due to not eating, not sleeping, not drinking, but gained back almost all of it. I have low BP, but if it elevates, sometimes my tinnitus flares up for an hour or so, but not always.

      I need to lose weight, but I'm not really sure what kind of sports should I do. My tinnitus is somatic, so I guess anything that puts pressure on the neck or stretches the neck is not recommended. I used to do sit ups and leg lifts, participated in zumba classes, but they are awfully loud and my country is in semi-lockdown, so out of the question.

      What kind of exercise would you recommend which is possible to be done in the house or in the garden? Do you think that being fat could be in connection with developing tinnitus? Has anyone had their tinnitus changed for the better or eliminated (I'm trying to believe in miracles... ) by changing their lifestyle?
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    2. MBH

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      Overloaded stress
      Tinnitus is a shot in dark to unrealism of life. And trying to understand how it works is unbelievably difficult. But you have to change your mental state for the better. Without proper sleep you cannot battle tinnitus. Swimming might work for you. Work for a routine of hobbies you'll like to do. And it can help you deal with tinnitus.
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    3. Jack V

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      Nice, long, walks.
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    4. oceanofsound26

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      TMJ, Neck Issues, and Accompanying Postural Deviations.
      Hi @Kriszti -

      Short Answer - Lifestyle changes could possibly help your tinnitus, or if not your tinnitus, your overall well-being and your ability to deal with tinnitus on a daily basis.

      Long Answer - It all depends on individual situation, tinnitus cause, and overall health.

      In the months leading up to my tinnitus onset, I was the same way with being overweight, staying home, and having terrible eating habits. After the first three months of panic, I developed and stuck to a treatment plan that included things like a healthier diet, light cardio (turning into moderate cardio), and daily stretching to name a few. I took developing tinnitus as a wake-up call and since I have lost 40 pounds and my tinnitus comes and goes now as the spine moves back into alignment and muscles start to return what their normal purposes were (but is still present a majority of the time at present). Being overweight and carrying more weight around the midsection predisposes you to things like hypertension, diabetes, and developing poor posture (just to name a few); all of which can contribute to the onset and/or worsening of tinnitus. There is not a one-size fits all treatment approach for somatic tinnitus especially due to neck problems. Imaging like x-rays, MRIs/MRAs, etc... to check for blood flow issues and C-spine alignment would probably be a good idea before starting any PT or neck therapy. Treatments for pulsatile vs non-pulsatile differ a bit and rushing into things may worsen your situation. Threads involving @Greg Sacramento have a lot of good info these types of things. A good starting point would be to start a healthier diet, just start to move a bit like walking for 20 minutes a day (if you are stuck in the house modifying a bike into a sort of recumbent bike may be feasible), and checking for any postural issues you might have. The latter held the key for me and may help you as well.

      Good Luck!
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    5. Bill Bauer
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      Acoustic Trauma
      I had had a healthy lifestyle before tinnitus, so I can't answer your question. But in all likelihood if the change in lifestyle is in fact helpful, it will likely take many months to manifest. Don't assume that if nothing changes during the first three months, that it isn't working. Ears take forever/years to heal.
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    6. Bartoli

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      If it's weight loss you're looking after cardio training is best. Long and steady exercise is also best for releasing endorphins to lift your mood.

      I would suggest a stationary bike for weight loss, if possible with an upright position as to not put too much strain on your neck and shoulders.

      Hour for hour, running is even better at burning calories, but it's not for everyone as it is a high-impact sport and can lead to injury to the joints and tendons. For overweight people, it's even more important to start off slowly and not run through discomfort and pain.

      Whether running or biking, try to focus on duration and consistency for at least the first three months as your body adapts.

      Try to pick set days on which you will exercise and build in some recovery days too. Stick to the schedule for as much as possible. Try to lengthen the time of exercise every couple of weeks after a week of relatively low duration. It might go something like this.

      First 3 weeks:

      3 sessions on stationary bike
      3 x 45 min easy-moderate effort (can hold a conversation)

      Week 4-6:

      Lengthen your sessions by 5 mins every week or have a 4th easy session of 30 minutes easy effort.

      Week 7: back to week 1

      Week 8-10:

      1 x 60 mins stationary bike
      2 x 45 mins stationary bike
      (Maybe a fourth session of 30-40 min easy if you feel like it)

      Week 11: same as week 4.

      After this base-building period you're probably aching to do some harder sessions. By that time it's okay to do this. If you're willing to have subsequent training advice, you can pm me when you're done with the base-building.

      Whatever you choose to do, make sure you have some fun or you won't stick to it. I know it can be hard having fun on a stationary bike so watch series, go out on a real bike, go for a run or a swim instead if you feel like it. Part of the fun is also in the improvement you'll make. Let me know if this was helpful.
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    7. all to gain
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      I've started exercising again after a very long break. I try to get a walk in most days, but I have also just started doing some skipping (jump rope) high intensity Tabata intervals. I used to do them a lot. They don't last long, but they get the heart racing. Exercise in general is supposed to be good for brain neuroplasticity, so I am hitting it and other things to keep the grey matter alive and kicking. I was thinking of getting a spinning bike or rowing machine to use on my balcony, but may leave that until the autumn or winter. For now it's all about getting outside into nature.
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    8. Juan

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      Several causes
      I think if you change your lifestyle you will notice dramatic changes, in terms of improvement of hearing problems. Diet is very important, and moving a little, going for a walk, stretching, riding a bike etc
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