Light Ear Fullness/Odd Feeling After Trying to Readjust an Earplug After It Wouldn't Seal?

Discussion in 'Support' started by missingsilence, Dec 21, 2021.

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      Hi guys,

      About a week ago I was outside and I tried to readjust my silicon earplug by gently pushing it deeper into my ear as it wouldn't seal well. I tried to gently move it more into my ear canal and pushed gently and felt a light pain in my ear, I stopped, tried readjusting it and gently pushed it into my canal. It finally sealed ok, but when I came home and took it out I felt a light fullness/odd feeling in the ear. It's been almost a week and the feeling is still there.

      Do you think I caused any permanent damage? I had some pain in that ear when swallowing yesterday and my nose has been a bit stuffy but I don't have a cold. It's been worrying me a lot, but I cannot imagine how I could have possible damaged my ear like that. Do you think I could have permanently stretched my eardrum or damaged it somehow because of the light pressure of inserting the earplug?

      Just to add, the earplugs were a double flanged silicon/rubber type.
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      Hi man,

      I have been in similar situation several times so far. The discomfort and pain always subside after a day or two. I would suggest visiting a doctor if your symptoms stay unchanged.

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