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Discussion in 'Support' started by Emil Mikalsen, Aug 18, 2014.

    1. Emil Mikalsen

      Emil Mikalsen Member

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      10.2013 - concert
      sometimes when i think back at memories, i feel like i had T at that time too. anyone else having this? :confused:
      Is my brain forgetting what silence is like?
      I've had T for 10 months now - after a concert.
    2. Roger

      Roger Member

      Perth, Australia
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      Hello Emil,
      this is a really interesting point. I sometimes reflect on some specific moments before I 'got' tinnitus in July last year. I remember moments years ago when I'd be out bush in the dead quiet of night and I'd remark to myself things like, "Wow, this silence is noisy, almost deafening!". Maybe the noise has always been there, but our filters have broken a bit more recently.
      Its one of the reasons I don't talk about Tinnitus with my family or friends. I'd hate for them to go hunting for the noise out of curiosity...and find it!!
      Cheers, here's to some quieter days,
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    3. iAzra

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      Acoustic trauma, Stress, Nose hit
      Yup I remember one time after a lonf drive stoping in one quiet vilage an it was so quiet that I could hear some noise.. but I just took my mind of of it.. And also I remember summer few months prior T onset, I was swimming in a sea in the morning, it was really quet and nice, only me there and that's the memory of silence I try to hold on to, not to forget..
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    4. Sound Wave

      Sound Wave Member Benefactor

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      Probably headphones
      Same here - I do remember being in very quiet places and noticing 'the hummm' in the background. It wasn't as high as my T now, but some sort of a sound like sensation anyway. I do believe T is mostly about brain being able to, or not, filter sound sensations away.
    5. Steve

      Steve Member Benefactor Hall of Fame

      Sheffield, UK
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      Flu, Noise-induced, Jaw trauma
      Me too. When I was small I would often think about the noisy silence; I used to hear a white noise sound, of course only if I listened for it and way quieter than it is today.
    6. Martin69

      Martin69 Member Benefactor

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      (Health) Anxiety
      Never had any form of noise in my ears/head before. I cannot even remember fleeting T or any T after a concert. Maybe therefore it is is more difficult for me getting used to it.
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    7. Ricky81

      Ricky81 Member Benefactor

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      July 14, 2014
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      Assault/Contusion/Ear Infection
      I use Bose noise cancellation head phone so I know I had no T before until I took Cipro ear drops.
      Now it sucks putting on Bose noise cancellation head phones because as soon as I put them on I hear my T.
    8. SoulStation
      No Mood

      SoulStation Member

      New York
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      Noise / Possible Medication
      Yes but those head phones are protecting your ears and helping you minimize the volume of what you're listening to.
    9. washashore

      washashore Member Benefactor

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      I've always had some noise in my head. It was just my own sound of silence. I first noticed it when I was in high school and it bothered me for while. I quickly habituated to it though and it hasn't bothered me for 15+ years. Now the noise is louder and tougher to tune out. But the knowledge that I've habituated before gives me a great deal of hope that it will all work out with enough time.
    10. cowdodge

      cowdodge Member

      Seattle, Washington
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      I use head phones to listen to my tv and notice a spike in my ringing. I'm trying to locate a set of head phone that will not cause this problem. I have hearing loss and wear my hearing aids under the set I have now. I do not know why but if I watch the boob tube without head phones on my tenitus does not seem to rap up as much as if I had the head phones on-Any comments on this situation ?
    11. Telis

      Telis Member Hall of Fame

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      Drugs barotrauma
      What if you try turning the headphones up a little louder and not using the hearing aides underneath?

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