Loud Tinnitus, Ear Pressure, Twinges of Ear Pain

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      Hi, my name is Jonathon Price and I am 63. I had a mastoid op on my left ear when I was 3 and have always had to have my ears cleared of wax and the very occasional infection. I believe micro-suctioning has damaged my ears. I have had very low noise tinnitus since 1990 in my left ear only.

      Fast forward to 2020, in September 2020 I developed loud tinnitus, pressure and twinges of pain in my left ear and tinnitus in my right ear that had not existed before. After a hearing test it seems I have reduced hearing in my left ear but the doctor could not explain why I had pressure and pain. It seems I am being pushed down the hearing aid route. I strongly feel that I have tinnitus plus something else. I have had mild sore throat since September 2020 too.
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      Meniere's Disease
      @Jonny Price,
      Welcome to Tinnitus Talk.

      Keep a diary on how your ear pressure is doing in case you see an ENT in the future.

      Allergies can cause extra fluid in your eustachian tubes and post nasal drip at night will find its way in your tubes.

      If you get a mucous taste in your mouth, that will be a sign.

      love Glynis
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