Low Frequency Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Rachel Murray, Jul 17, 2014.

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      November 2020
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      unknown - possibly debrox - noticed after debroxing.
      I felt the same way as you, and I hope that is somehow the case. I am just seeing too much correlation with people who have low frequency tinnitus and people who have spent a lifetime with loud sounds or have other forms of tinnitus.

      Can you tell me a little more about your particular case? I'm collecting and correlating info on the topic, because for a long time I believed there had to be some form of unique cause. Assuming you have a lot of same interactive symptoms as all of us? How old were you when you got tinnitus? One side or both? Etc.
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      I was 27 when it first started, out of the blue. It is unilateral, only in the left ear, although last year when it lasted for half a year, I got it for a couple of days in my right ear and the left one was silent. Until 2020, an episode of the low hum lasted 2‐3 weeks then went into remission.

      Mine is very low, probably under 100 Hz, but cannot match the frequency perfectly. Stops if I put my palm on my ear, if I swallow, yawn, talk, or shake my head. Plugs don't stop it, putting my head against a pillow doesn't stop it. I have on/off days. Otherwise really loud and also has a vibrating quality to it.

      Also, what makes me think that this is entirely different than my high frequency tinnitus is that when I have fleeting tinnitus, I have a couple seconds of silence which eliminates all my tones, before the fleeting tinnitus starts. Except for the low hum.

      (I call it "hum" for the lack of a better, more descriptive word. It is not exactly a hum, but hard to explain how it actually sounds.)
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      Hi @Benjaminbb , I think it's great that you are gathering info on low frequency tinnitus as a separate entity. If part of your gathering is from threads on this site though, I have some sad news: a big chunk of this particular thread has gone missing. It's a shame too, because there was a LOT of good info in it! I discovered this when trying to look back for some info last year, and I was shocked. I contacted Markku about it, but he only responded briefly once ... I think the whole problem was probably too much to deal with.

      Rachel Murray started the thread on July 17, 2014. I joined in on July 21, and a number of other folks became regulars for the next couple of years. What I see now are 3 posts from 2014, 1 from 2015, then it jumps to 2018 (1 post), 4 from 2019, then we're up to 2020. Are you familiar with the Internet Archive, or Wayback Machine? It collects and stores earlier versions of websites, and it's free. I wrote Markuu that I had found 6 pages of dialog dated already by April 18, 2015, and that I knew there was more. Here's the link I sent him for those first 6 pages:


      I haven't had time to see if I could find more, but it's possible if someone were motivated enough.

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