Low Pitched Light Sabre/PVC Pipe Effect — This Tinnitus Noise Seems to Imitate Real-World Tones

Discussion in 'Support' started by Keith Handy, Feb 4, 2021.

    1. Keith Handy

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      Rochester, NY, USA
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      Stress + sleep deprivation + noise
      In addition to my ultra-high reactive tinnitus, I've recently discovered some kind of reaction to certain low frequencies, e.g. the loud radiator in my new apartment. When the fan kicks on, it hums at E flat (approx 155 Hz), plus a bit of an octave-down undertone (half that), and after too much exposure to it I start to get somatic sounds at that exact frequency; not continuous, but sometimes sympathetic or emphasized when I walk or move my jaw, even well outside the apartment. It's like an imprint. It's like the natural sound of my movements are passing through a length of PVC pipe cut to that pitch, somewhat like the humming "whummm" of a light sabre. This would be amusing if it wasn't piled on with all this other scary stuff.

      What might be the case is that I've had the potential for this phenomenon many weeks ago but was not in an environment that would trigger it, e.g. not necessarily a new problem. Hoping that's the case.
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      BC Canada
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      Noise Induced, Prednisone (drones), Barotrauma (distortions)
      Humming lightsaber reacting to noise. Sounds like me. No idea why it's happening. Feel like it's from trauma from inflammation.
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