Medication-Induced (Buspirone) Tinnitus 80% Better with Targeted Frequency Masking

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Tom212, Nov 12, 2022.

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      About a month ago I started taking buspirone for anxiety. I was getting tinnitus for about a half hour after taking each dose, but once my doctor increased the dose it turned into a constant blaring ring. After a couple days of this, I had enough and quit taking the medication cold turkey.

      The noise was loud enough that even plenty of background noise couldn't drown it out. Worried that I had damaged my hearing, I scheduled an audiogram for this past week. My audiogram results were great, so that gave me some reassurance.

      I eventually stumbled upon the Dalesnale - Noise Ambient YouTube channel, which includes a lot of audio clips to help mask the sound of tinnitus. Once I found the video for 13 kHz frequency masking, it was like someone hit the mute button on the ringing.

      At first I would get maybe 30 seconds to a minute of silence after stopping the clip before the ringing returned. However, with continued listening that time has gotten longer. Also, the volume of the ringing decreased quickly, which has allowed me to listen to the masking at progressively lower volumes.

      I know every case of tinnitus is unique, but the masking has done a lot to reduce my stress levels. Hopefully the ringing fades away completely with time.
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      I've yet to match my tinnitus frequency. I've played with the frequency generators online on a low volume and I don't think I've found it yet. I've got a hiss/buzz/yeee mix so no idea what I'm supposed to be hearing or looking for. A tad clueless on this one even though I have read up on about it. :LOL:

      Glad to hear you have managed to find some relief using this method, dalesnale has some good tracks to listen too that help with tinnitus. :) Drug induced takes a while to correct itself or lessen in severity. Good luck :rockingbanana:.
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