Migraines and Chronic Ear/Vestibular Troubles

Discussion in 'Support' started by Lauren Morse, Jan 27, 2016.

    1. Lauren Morse

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      Salt Lake City
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      Accoustic Trauma/Migraines
      Though I am still not 100% sure what is up with me, I have a number of strong indications that I am in fact experiencing vestibular and basilar migraines, and that is why I have been experiencing a whole host of ear and neuro symptoms occurring at the same time. Still have yet to see the neuro, but recent experiences have provided good leads for me.

      Granted that migraines may be the cause for more ear symptoms than many otherwise think, does anyone here have a migraine story to tell that affected their inner ears or aspects of their hearing, tinnitus, and vestibular system?
      I am trying to get more information about it to see if my experiences relate in the slightest, and I also think it would provide valuable anecdotal information concerning this condition. The connection between migraine and inner ears is rather sparse or only suggested in the literature, despite the fact that migraine is such a common condition.
    2. Song interpreter

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      Southern California
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      Too much noise
      This past week I had high noise exposure again and increased my ringing by about 10%. I also have had lots of migraines for me. I get the visual distortions, but rarely the head ache, just pressure. I take aspirin anyway to relieve the pressure. Sometimes it does ache, but not the debilitating pain requiring a dark room.

      I would be interested in hearing about any research that correlates these things!

      I'm glad you brought it up!
    3. Sonia Bowler

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      Basilar Migraine
      I went to doctors a few years ago because I was having attacks of dizziness and nausea accompanied by facial numbness, pressure in ears and tinnitus that had been getting progressively worse. Doctor said was a manifestation of migraine (which I have suffered from since my teens) and prescribed high dose aspirin. This alleviated the attacks somewhat and so I continued with this for over 2 years.
      Over time though the symptoms got worse. Attacks could last from a few hours up to 2 days. When the dizziness, nausea, facial numbness and ear pressure eased I was still left with tinnitus which had gradually been getting louder and more varied in the noises produced. I was taking days off work every few months because even if the symptoms were relieved, I was left feeling tired and drained and just wanted to sleep. In addittion I felt my hearing was gradually deteriorating.
      I returned to the doctors to discuss and was referred to the hospital with a query of Meneires Disease. After almost 3 hours of testing Meneires was ruled out and a suggestion of Basilar Type migraine was made with a suggestion to prescribe anti-migraine medication. On discussion with my doctor she was reluctant to prescribe as the daily medication was usually used when there was a minimum of 3 migraine attacks per month, which I wasn't having. She tried increasing dose of blood pressure medication to check whether this would make a difference - it didn't.
      I tried the anti-migraine meds but they made no difference and whilst on them I suffered the worst classic migraine attack I had had in many years!
      Referred back to the hospital and more tests. They confirmed significant hearing loss and prescribed hearing aids. I have had these since January and still struggling with them. Tinnitus just as bad if not worse. Still having attacks and struggling to hear over the numerous noises in my head!!

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