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Discussion in 'Support' started by Ed209, Mar 7, 2018.

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      They have three different Pro-Ears. A regular one, one that is more slim, but offers less protection, and one even smaller for children or small heads.

      I need to get an MRI and have to have my head in a cage as I'm getting an MRI of my thoracic. I'm thinking of trying the one for children to see if that fits my head. I think that would be my best chance of my head fitting in the cage with MRI earmuffs.
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      Get all of them, is my advice, @Baker.

      If this were me, I'd buy all of three of them and bring them all with me to the scan.

      Because think of it like this, say you were to suffer a bad spike off the back of the scan; how much would you pay, and to what lengths would you go, to rid yourself of it?

      To me, money and effort are no object where maintaining equilibrium with my tinnitus is concerned.

      Therefore, in my opinion, you should ask the radiologist to allow you try all three in the cage ahead of the scan, when you arrive at your appointment.

      Obviously the ones that push the margin of space are going to be the best, and offer the most protection (which is what you want). But as long as you're wearing ear defenders + earplugs that are fitting well and forming a seal, I suspect you should be okay.

      However if they don't feel like they're offering you adequate protection during the scan, the radiologist always gives you the option to call time on it. So keep that in mind if things become uncomfortable.
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