My Experience with Tinnitus for 6 Years

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jasmine98, Nov 12, 2019.

    1. Jasmine98

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      Loud noise
      Hi I'm Jasmine, I'm 21 years old and I've had tinnitus for 6 years.

      At 15 I went to a really loud gig and have had tinnitus in my right ear ever since. I've never really shared my experiences with tinnitus before because I don't know anyone else with the condition. Having got it so young the doctor suggested that it might improve over time, which it has slightly, but because my tinnitus is so loud the improvements are barely noticeable. At first I was terrified, I didn't sleep for weeks at a time and could never be in a completely silent room because any time I heard my tinnitus I freaked out.

      But the thing is you do get used to it. It stops being such a scary thing and just becomes part of what you hear on a daily basis. I know this isn't what some people want to hear as its not technically a success story, but to me it is. I know I'm going to have to tinnitus for the rest of my life and in a few years I'll have had tinnitus for longer than I didn't have it. Personally I can't even remember what true silence is even like. It's ok though. I still go to loud clubs and bars (with ear plug of course) and I don't let it stop me from doing things I want to do. Currently I'm in my third year of university studying biology, which I first got interested in when I was researching about tinnitus!

      It can still be hard. A couple of years I got tinnitus in my left year due to an ear infection. Every time I get a cold my tinnitus gets so loud I can barely hear myself think and I feel like a terrified 15 year old again hearing this noise for the first time (since its winter this is my current state). However, I know that it will return to normal (or at least my version of it) and if it doesn't I know I'll be able to get used to it again. It just takes time.

      Anyway that's my experience so far. I've never been on a forum like this before or ever really talk about my tinnitus. I'd love to hear some other people's experiences or if anyone has any questions I can always try and help (I'm not an expert). Thanks for reading:)
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    2. Lilah

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      Unknown, Lupus
      That's amazing. How long did it take for you to habituate? Do you have tonal or fluctuating tinnitus?
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      not sure
      Welcome to this forum. You have amazing strength as a youngster dealing with loud tinnitus. You can write a success story for sure so other young members can be inspired by your strength and positive attitude. You remind me of the success stories of some other youngsters that I have mentioned in my success story post, folks like Zoe Cartwright and Melody Gardot. These folks have had bad T since you and yet they move on with life and achieve success and happiness despite their T challenge. Your positive attitude will certainly take you there like them. Good luck. God bless.
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    4. RishRamsey

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      Stupid DJ
      That's amazing. Thanks so much for sharing your story! It really is inspiring!
      Anyway, how loud is your tinnitus? Can you hear it outside on a quite road or in a moving car with windows up and no music?
      And when you say you get used to it, does it mean that you will still hear your tinnitus all the time but you would be functional, or would the brain just start to filter it out and you would eventually start to notice it for lengths?
      My biggest struggle is that I hear tinnitus all the time but have to distract myself from it in order to work, watch a TV etc, instead of working/ watching TV and then stopping to hear my tinnitus (which I believe most of the people are able to do when the habituate).
    5. dan

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      Loud noise
      If you hear it all the time over any noise, the most you can achieve is habituation of reaction... as opposed to habituation of perception. As in you hear it all the time but you are more or less functional.
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    6. Bill Bauer
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      February, 2017
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      Acoustic Trauma
      This might explain why your tinnitus has never faded...
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    7. Bobby B

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      long term NIHL and recent acoustic trauma
      Low frequencies are not well cut by plugs so be careful with those clubs.
      If you can hear the bass means its potentially doing damage to your ears. I got tinnitus twice and in both cases I was using earplugs - the sound pressure was way too much though.
    8. Tybs

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      Fall from stairs
      This is the most important step IMO. Though my T is only 6-7 months old and I don't consider myself habituated yet, life becomes much better again once the fear fades. I hear my sounds pretty much throughout the day, but the constant ones don't bother me at all anymore: they're just background noise which can easily be ignored.

      If just the fluctuating sounds could make up their mind already and remain in one pace, then my sleep pattern wouldn't be so disturbed...

      Maybe it's just my lack of T experience talking, but I tend to have a different perspective here. Unlike ten years ago, T is now getting a lot of research: sooner or later, treatments should become available to either cure the direct cause of someone's T (which differs a lot per person, but subtypes cán be distinguished), or to get rid of the T symptom itself (e.g. neuro modulation).

      For me, habituation is simply a step on the ladder, making it possible to stay functional while waiting for the next step. I don't think it should stop there: after all, T is a signal (like pain) that there is something wrong with the body, and problems are challenges to face and solve in the end. As long as it does not become an obsession in life, I think it's good to occasionally look for a cure, and to push the medical environment a bit to keep searching for it as well.

      Many people have T and are less productive on bad days, some with severe cases even suffer on a daily basis, and there are some who just end their life all together because of this. I think it's our responsibility to not let this slide, and to remind doctors regularly that this is not a simple illness that can be overlooked.

      Though of course, if one cannot maintain a healthy balance between ignoring T and being obsesses by it, then it's probably better for that person to just ignore it.
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