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Discussion in 'Support' started by SarahR, Feb 11, 2014.

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      I finally had my NHS (I'm in England) today, 5 months after the onset of my T.

      Firstly the hearing test: This test came back with the left ear below average (particularly at the higher endof the scale, although it was the standard test up to about 8kHz). The right ear came up well above average on the full tested scale. I believe that in the above/below average comparison that no adjustment was made for my age (23), so assuming hearing gradually deteriorates the hearing in my left ear would be quite a bit worse than the average person my age.

      Then I had my meeting with the ENT: Absolute waste of time. He literally looked in my ears, went down a tick box of questions and asked if I had trouble sleeping (when I said yes he said put the TV on, something I already do). He then went on to say that I should keep my mind off it, then one day I will wake up and I will not be able to hear it even if I try - 5 months in and he's acting like this will still magically disappear, even with the difference in the audiograms, which in my mind suggests the T was caused by hearing loss.

      Basically, I think I just needed a rant at how useless the ENT was and how frustrated his response has made me. I definitely did not expect any kind of treatment, but I sort of feel like today has sent me back to the early, anxious days because of the condecending way he acted.

      I do have one question though, being in the UK and having a public health system means that unless you are a severe/life threatening case you might not be dealt with in the way you would if you were paying out your own pocket. Based upon the differences in the audiograms of the two ears would anyone suggest looking at getting a hearing aid privately, given that I only have 'below average' hearing in one ear and obviously not significant enough loss to be given one on the NHS?
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      I suggest you find a better doctor (if you google better professionals can always be found). Only a professional can answer this question, not people on a board.
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      Wish I knew
      I've had the same experience with 3 ENT's I've seen, and 2 of them supposedly had Tinnitus too.
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      Meniere's Disease
      Ask your doctor refur you to Audiology as they are the people who will help you if need a hearing aid or masker or duel purpose hearing aid.
      ENT deal more with diagnosis and MR and ear operations.
      Love glynis
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