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      south american crickets, left south america, noise stayed
      SO i was born in south america, and we have many many crickets which are constantly buzzing. i left south america and ended up in an insectless land and i can still hear the ringing. its very high pitched and if i listen i can hear it in high noise situations and when its quiet its more present. I can also hear electricity running through wires. I can find where wires are located in my walls by putting my ear up to it and listening. I can hear most general electronics if i try. Smartphones are pretty hard. Computers are easy and most TV's are easy unless they are very small. The sound of the constant buzzing is different from the electronics. i can tell when its one or the other.
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. Looks like you have a special gift of hearing and yet you also have buzzing tinnitus. Are you feeling distressed by your cricket like tinnitus? Have you found the need to mask your cricket? Take care. God bless.
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