My Story: Loud Music. Hearing Damage.

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      hi everyone,my tinnitus story dates back to around 1991.i was 21 at the time felt i was invincible we have all been there.i was always into car stereos trying to see who had the loudest.mine was the loudest always drove around with it cranked at all times, i was warned several times by everyone to be careful its too loud i didnt listen.and i also was going to concerts at the time metallica and a few others and my ears started ringing and wouldnt stop.i started to be sensitive to even just a radio turned up a little.then i kind of started the avoidance behaviors stop hanging around friends i thought i was losing my mind.for me at the time was my stomach problems that arose and horrible anxiety.i turned agoraphobic within the year couldnt even leave the house.could make it to work thank god, but couldnt go anywhere else.
      so finally went to doctor about stomach issues he prescribed me tagamet which helped a little but wasnt fixing the problem.more months went by i was a shadow of my former self.decided to see another doctor who changed my life he prescribed me imapramine.i noticed within a few days i was feeling rested again i started being social again with then doctor put me on tofranil and i am 44 now and have been on it ever since.almost 25 years now because if i dont take it nightly i start slipping back into old problems again.i have searched high and low trying to find other people that have the same problems with tinnitus i have had i cant seem to find anyone that deals with the daily struggles i do.what struggles are you talking about you say?i have constant shoulder and back pain if i am exposed to any noise and in daily life sometimes it isnt easy to avoid.shoots from ear right into shoulder when ever i am exposed to noise.and it has attacked my bowels too.i have had ibs now for 25 years.and also suffer from sever bloating all the the worst of everything is if i have any tooth problems any cavities i have cause my ears to ring double loud so i have to rush to dentist otherwise i start having heart palpitations from the stress of my ears ringing louder.i have come to the conclusion i will never be well again.i have told people that i dont remember what it feels like to wake up feeling well.sorry for my sentence structure i was never good at it anyone of you out there deal withe same problems i do?
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      not sure
      Welcome to TT. Members here have gone through tough struggles with T. So although we may have different challenges as you, we do understand the difficulty living with T. I am not a doctor. So I won't be able to say why T ringing or sounds can cause back pain or other ailments you mention. Is it possible that stress from the anxiety of the T ringing causing muscle tension that is contributing to your T? What have your doctors found out about the relationship? About the T, have you tried any supplements or done some diet change? Supplements, such as NAC, Magnesium, Zinc, B12, D3, etc. have been known to help some members. You may also try reducing intake of salt, sugar, MSG, caffeine, alcohol etc. Perhaps other members can comment on how to help you.

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